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MMRG is unlike any other mold remediation company in NJ. Our team of mold inspectors & microbial experts are fully devoted to earning your trust.  When you choose MMRG, you choose a team with an unparalleled level of mold expertise & training.

“It is our mission as a certified mold remediation company, to leave our customers completely satisfied, to provide them the most affordable rates possible.. and as a NJ homeowner – you shouldn’t expect anything less!!”

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Why NJ Homeowners Prefer Our Expertise In The Following Areas?

* Mold remediation  – Quite simply, we prefer the right way over the easy way! Some NJ mold companies tout the benefits of dry ice blasting or fogging to treat mold. The truth? They are just gimmicky and overpriced ways to get rid of mold.

It makes it easier for the company to do. But you as a customer pay a lot more. They can also be very dangerous tools in the wrong hands.

Blasting is known to trigger micro-fractures on cement walls. Fogging is very hard to contain and clean up afterwards. It gets all over your house which you wind up breathing in for months afterward. And worst of all, neither method does anything to stop mold from growing back.

* Mold testing  – Many mold inspectors will tell you that they use the best labs in the USA. The reality is, mold tests are very easy to do. A sophomore in microbiology can conduct a proper mold test.

The hard part is finding an experienced mold assessor who can interpret the results accurately. This is why our mold inspectors undergo rigorous training every 3 months.

MMRG’s consultants are all EAA, ESA, GHH, IAQ, NATEI & AIHA certified. 

*Mold inspections – It isn’t enough to have an experienced mold inspector who can accurately interpret results. They must realize there is no single “cookie-cutter” solution for any New Jersey home.

Mold remediation is not an art. It’s not some careless, haphazard technique. It is an unmitigated scientific process that is conducted completely relative to your home and its environment. Other companies pride themselves on their “unique” approaches to killing mold. Methods that have little if no scientific backing at all.

MMRG prides itself on honesty, integrity and credibility. Real solutions backed by real, time-tested science. We will never send a salesmen to your home. But only the most experienced microbial experts in the state. Our goal isn’t just to just kill your mold. It’s to protect your family, your home, your health, and to prevent mold from ever growing back. When we leave your home we need to know that you were thoroughly impressed, elated & even inspired by the work we do for you.

Updates –

Feb 2012: Owner & founder Randy Cece is broadcast on CBS’s “The Doctors”.
Nov 2014: MMRG is thrilled to announce we won the TOT Award for 2014!
Feb 2015: Thanks so much to our wonderful customers… MMRG has finally surpassed all regional competitors in both quality & volume of online reviews!
April 2017: You can now message us live on Facebook! Or call us straight through the website! Thank you.
Feb 2020:  MMRG is retheming & securing our site so the whole site works better. The new site will be up soon thank you for your patience!


MMRG offers mold removal, remediation, testing and inspections in NJ. We offer a competitive 10% price-match guarantee. If you can find better rates from another licensed mold company providing the “same” or “similar” services – we will beat their rates by 10% guaranteed!

Looking for immediate help? You can call Randy at: 908-601-1307. All of our mold inspections are 100%  FREE, however, mold testing must be sent to a certified lab for a fee. 
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