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MMRG, Mold Remediation & Basement Waterproofing, LLC

Fully licensed | Insured | BBB Accredited | IAQ & ESA Certified

New Jersey’s Leading Mold Removal Experts!

MMRG is unlike any other mold remediation company in NJ. Our team of mold inspectors & mold removal experts are fully devoted to earning your trust.  When you choose MMRG, you choose a team with an unparalled level of mold expertise & training.

“It is our mission as a certified mold removal company, to leave our customers completely satisfied, to provide them the most affordable rates possible.. and as a NJ homewner – you shouldn’t expect anything less!!”

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Call MMRG Today at 908-601-1307 for a FREE on-site mold inspection!

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Mold Remediation NJ – MMRG, Mold Remediation & Basement Waterproofing
Why NJ Homeowners Prefer Our Expertise In The Following Areas:


* Mold remediation  - Quite simply, we prefer the right way over the easy way! Many mold remediation companies in NJ tout the benefits of dry ice blasting for mold removal. The truth? Dry ice blasting only has one benefit. It is easier for companies to do. The main problem is it does nothing to stop mold from coming back.

* Mold testing  - Many mold inspectors will tell you that they use the best labs in the United States. The truth is, mold testing is not difficult. The difficult part is finding a mold inspector who can interpret the results accurately. This is the reason our mold inspectors undergoe rigorous training 3 times a year!

*Mold inspections - Its not enough to have a mold inspector who knows how to accurately interpret results. They must  realize that there is no single “cookie-cutter” solution for all NJ homeowners. Mold remediation is not a step, it is not a technique, it is a process. While other companies pride themselves on their techniques for killing mold, we pride ourselves on our fully systemic approach. An approach that both kills mold and prevents it from ever coming back!

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MMRG offers mold removal, remediation, testing and inspections in NJ. We offer a competitive 10% price-match guarantee. If you can find cheaper rates, from another licensed mold remediation company, we will beat their rates by 10% guaranteed!

Looking for immediate help? You can call Randy at: 908-601-1307. All of our mold inspections are 100%  FREE, however, mold testing must be sent to a lab for a fee. 
MMRG, Mold Remediation & Basement Waterproofing

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