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If you have moisture problems, a leaky basement or mold – you might need to contact a reputable company.

MMRG is qualified in mold removal, restoration & waterproofing. We do a lot of work in New Jersey. For emergencies – don’t hestitate to contact us immediately! If you need more information, our team has compiled a list of our mostly frequently asked questions.


This guide will help you learn about mold removal & waterproofing in record time.

Whether it’s air quality issues, mold or a leaky basement – we got you covered!

1) What is mold remediation?

2) Is all mold dangerous?

3) When is mold remediation required?

4) Can remediation work be done for free?

5) What is the cost of mold remediation in New Jersey?

6) What type of work does remediation consist of?

7) If mold is in my attic or basement, will it need to be removed?

8) Do I need mold testing before any remediation work is done?

9) If a water leak is causing the mold, do I also need basement waterproofing?

10) Do you offer basement waterproofing too?

mold remediation in nj

1) What is mold remediation?

Mold remediation (or “removal) is done to remove any mold from your NJ home.

First the mold must be sampled & identified. This happens during the initial mold inspection.

A remediation strategy will be developed by the inspector. Your home should be treated & cleaned with a safe moldicide. Any wood, sheetrock or insulation that is damaged – must be cleaned or properly disposed of. The mold company may have to restore sections of your home to a better condition.

The remediation process must be conducted by a licensed professional!

2) Is mold dangerous?

Not all mold is dangerous!

Both the type & amount of mold determines how dangerous it really is.

By “type” we mean the specific strain – such as black mold. And by “amount” we mean how much is growing inside your New Jersey home?

This will determine if you need mold remediation.

Molds can be dangerous as they can release 6 types of mold “mycotoxins”. Mycotoxins can cause disease & death in humans & vertebrates. This is one reason mold needs to be removed. Furthermore, molds can feed off of wood & sheetrock. They release enzymes to digest wet wood.

This degrades the foundation of your home. Which means that molds pose structural problems on top of health problems. And this can lower the value of your home.

3) Do I need mold remediation?

do I need mold remediation in NJ

The mold inspector will determine this. And a recommendation will be made to the homeowner.

If you need mold remediation – the best timeline is do it ASAP!

Every home is different. Some homes have small, minor issues with mold. Other homes have more serious problems. If mold is growing on multiple walls you may need to find a remediation firm near you.

If you have a water leak that’s causing mold growth, you will need a company that also does waterproofing. As waterproofing will need to be done before any remediation work. Otherwise the mold can grow right back!

4) Can you do mold remediation for free?

is mold remediation free NJ

SORRY! We will try to work on the price. But water damage restoration services have to be done properly.

There’s too much liability & too much equipment involved. Just the HEPA filters alone cost $500 each.

Some homes require 2-3 filters. You also need fresh masks, suits, paint, encapsulants, spray guns, workers, marketing & insurance! If you have a small problem, there’s no reason you can’t do it yourself. A small remediation job can be done for a few hundred dollars. If you do it yourself. But it won’t be easy. And there’s no guarantee the mold won’t grow back (if you don’t know what you’re doing).

5) What is the cost of mold remediation in New Jersey?

cost of mold removal NJ

Good question! Let’s get straight to the numbers. For a NJ mold company to get certified it’s required they use special equipment. Like the HEPA filters we mentioned above.

  • An average mold remediation job will use 2 HEPA filters – $1000 just on air filters.
  • Then you need masks, suits & gloves which can run around $100 for 2-3 mold workers.
  • You will need to buy or rent a negative air machine. Cost can vary from $200/day to $2,500 to buy one.
  • Wet or flooded rooms will require dehumidifiers which cost $100-$200 a day.
  • If water is still present, water pumps may be needed to pump out water – $100-$200 a day.
  • Safe, industrial moldicides run about $60 a gallon.
  • Silver based mold encapsulants usually cost $50 a gallon.
  • Then you have wet-dry vacs, paint guns, plastic quarantine walls, labor fees & a dumpster to dump mold contaminated material.

Then the mold company has to pay their workers! They need insurance. They need to get recertified every year & turn a profit.

We can only provide a tentative cost of mold remediation in NJ.

  • Small job – 25-50 sq2 ft – $1,500-$3,000
  • Medium job – 50-100 sq2 ft – $3,000-6,000
  • Large job – 100 sq2 ft – can run over $10,000.

But here’s a tip. Mold testing should never cost more than a few hundred dollars!

Why waste thousands on mold testing? It doesn’t make sense. If you need remediation you can know in most situations without tests. So spend that money on remediation! Not mold testing.

6) What type of work does mold remediation consist of?

Mold remediation in New Jersey is composed of 7 main steps. There are more steps that we cover in a more extensive article here.

Consider this the short guide:

  • Initial Evaluation (known as the “mold inspection”)
  • PPE gear / protective clothing / set up quarantine walls
  • HVAC cleaning
  • Mold removal tools: wire brushes & sanders
  • HEPA vacuums & air filters
  • Safe, non-toxic mold encapsulants (like a high quality, waterproof paint).
  • Removal of mold contaminated waste & debris (wood, sheetrock, rugs or insulation).

That is how the process unfolds. Someone will plan, outline and implement the steps to remediate your mold.

The CDC & EPA both recommend bleach to clean mold. This works on hard, cosmetic surfaces. But not wood or sheetrock. Bleach is known to react with mold & creates chlorinated mycotoxins. These chlorinated toxins are more stable & resilient to heat. They can make air quality problems worse than before.

If you’re looking for a more in depth guide of mold remediation in NJ, we’ve got one!


7) Do I need mold removal in my attic or basement?

mold removal attic basement nj

You might need mold removal in either room. 

Even if you don’t use a certain room – you still need to kill the mold!

Attics can get cracks in the roof. Water can leak in & trigger mold to grow everywhere. This includes insulation & ventilation ducts. If there are large amounts of mold growing, it needs to be treated.

Basements can get cracks in the foundation. Then rain can quickly flood your basement.

Everything can get soaked with rain. Then subfloors get moldy & rot. If the wood isn’t treated soon enough your floors can collapse. When you see this happening – you might need mold removal in your attic or basement in New Jersey.

8) Do I need mold testing before any remediation work is done?

do I need mold testing in NJ

In most circumstances  you won’t need mold testing.

But mold testing can be useful in certain situations. Sometimes we recommend collecting air samples to send to a lab. Just be mindful of “overtesting” which is a real & serious concern.

Most homes won’t need air quality tests – if you know the mold has to be treated! This is often the case. So it makes sense to start remediation work as fast as possible. Homes that are wet, with large & mature mold colonies may require testing.

9) If a water leak is causing mold in my basement, will I also need basement waterproofing?

You might. It depends on how bad the flooding in your basement is.

Water leaks in the basement are a serious cause for concern.

Since gravity pulls water down. This puts immense pressure on your walls that can cause them to bow or crack.

When basements get flooded it can destroy a home. If this happens repeatedly and the wood frames aren’t treated – walls can collapse. Mold can begin to grow. This leads to a “sick home” situation that can also make inhabitants sick. If you need more information on basement waterproofing check out our article: Basement Waterproofing & Flood Cleanup in NJ

10) Do you provide basement waterproofing too?

Yes, MMRG provides the following service in NJ:

  • mold remediation
  • mold inspections
  • mold testing / air samples / air quality tests
  • attic & basement waterproofing
  • foundation repair

When done properly, mold remediation will raise the value of your home. It will improve indoor air quality. This improves health & extends the life of your home. Mold remediation stops the buildup of harmful toxins in your blood. It will lessen the burden on your home, health & overall happiness. 

MMRG provides mold remediation & waterproofing services to all of New Jersey!

Serving Every County in New Jersey:
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