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What You Need To Know About MMRG, Mold Remediation & Basement Waterproofing LLC?


MMRG and our inspectors have been featured on:

CBS, CBS’s, “The Doctors”, NBC Right Now, Newschannel 34, Newswatch 50, ABC 6, ABC 24,  CBS 42,  FOX 16, News Channel 9, The Boston Globe, Star Tribune, Daily Herald, The Olympian, Star Telegram, LA Daily News, Wichita Eagle, Biospace, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, International Business Times, Miami Herald, Street Insider, The Daily Jeffersonian, Silicon Valley…. + 345 other TV, Radio, Media & Broadcast Stations!


  • Award-Winning services that can turn the most bio-hazardous, mold contaminated havens… into safe & healthy living environments for less than you ever dreamed possible!
  • MMRG never sends high pressure salesmen to your home. We send properly licensed microbiologist’s and environmental consultants. People with degrees, certifications and licenses that matter.
  • Our free inspections are so thorough you’d have to pay more than $400 for another company to perform them. And they still won’t be as good!
  • We know our competitors extremely well. We know their weaknesses. And we always leverage them to our customers advantage.
  • We excel in business & economics. MMRG knows how high overheads ruin most companies. When you pay other companies, you’re really paying for their sloppy marketing. You’re paying their inexperienced accountant, their oversized and under-staffed offices, their gas guzzling trucks…  we think you get the point. When you pay MMRG, rest assured your money is going towards what’s in the contract and nothing more.
  • We know mold and waterproofing like we know the back of our hands. Our hiring regulations are as rigid as they get. MMRG goes beyond drug testing and resumes. We conduct personality assessments, microbiological exams, a minimum of 6 mandatory environmental certifications and 4 years of experience before you can work on our team.
  • 30 Year Guarantees Directly From the Manufacturer! Anyone who gives you a “lifetime guarantee” is blowing smoke up your derriere.  We have videos of customers asking our competitors to fulfill lifetime guarantees that are 5 years old and they still refuse to come out & fix a simple problem! What most of them do is try to charge you more. If you don’t like reading contracts, the least you should do is read the guarantee for any contract you sign. Most companies have dozens if not hundreds of legal exemptions that protect them from being sued. So if something goes wrong, you call them up, they can easily weasel their way out of a situation. At MMRG we believe in accountability. We keep our guarantees reasonable and short same as our legal exemptions.  For 30 years we were legally bound to 96.85% of the work we do… and that’s what really matters.
  •  122 Years of Cumulative Experience Between Our Top 5 Senior Inspectors! That’s an average of 24.4 years of experience each.


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