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Basement Mold Removal in New Jersey


Most mold removal in New Jersey is performed in 1 of 2 areas in a home. This is either the basement, or the attic. Since these areas are most vulnerable to water instrusion, they are also the most vulnerable to mold, fungi, bacteria, termites and various other structural issues.


Why Is Mold Removal So Important For Your Basement?


Having mold in your basement is a great clue that you have moisture problems in your home. Whether its water leaking down from your roof, or water getting through your foundation, mold signifies a serious risk to the structure of your home.  In these situations, basement mold remediation is not the only focus. Often times mold is growing because your foundation blocks have shifted, or because mold is rotting away the wooden structure of your home.

So many homeowners would rather be concerned with termites, because they are scary little insects. I don’t deny that for a moment. But there is generally relaxed attitude when it comes to mold, and mold poses far greater dangers to a basement.


Mold in a Basement is a Bigger Liability Than Termites!


For some reason, most NJ homeowners aren’t aware of this. I personally blame advertising for it. Because lets face it, a picture of a termite is a lot scarier than a black blob of mold.

Basement mold just sits on your walls, termites can run around and scare people.

The reality is however, the dangers of mold greatly outweigh the dangers of termites. For instance, mold can kill termites, termites can not kill mold. Mold can also kill mice, rats and most types of vermin.  They do this by sending mycotoxins into the air.


If Basement Mold Removal is Not Done, You Put Your Entire Home At Risk.


Let me explain the most impressive property of mold. Mold has an uncanning ability, not only to digest wood, but to eat the chemical adhesives that bind wood together. In doing so, mold will release VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) which are known to be highly carcinogenic.

However, basement mold removal should be done for 1 primary reason. Once you have a mold problem in your basement, that signifies the overall decomposition of your homes wooden frame. Chemically treated wood, mold & moisture resistant wood, begins to weaken. The mold will penetrate deeper in your homes structure. Before you know it you are walking through the kitchen one day, and your foot goes through the floor. This is when most people notice they have a serious mold problem. Its especially scary when a home gets cleared by a termite inspector, and they completely neglect to inspect for mold.

If you believe you are in need of basement mold removal services, we do not suggest that you ignore this problem. Most homeowners resist getting regular inspections done, even if they’re free, because they fear what they will learn.  If you would rather wait till its time to sell your home, thats your option. Just keep in mind that problems only tend to get more expensive the longer you wait.


Sincerely – The MMRG Team



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