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Mold Removal & Remediation in Jersey City New Jersey – NJ


If you are looking for mold removal, remediation or mold testing in Jersey City New Jersey – 07305, we are NJ’s premier authority. With over 120 years of cumulative mold remediation experience on our team, no task is too large for our company! Although mold removal can be carried out on your own time, it is recommended to complete the work correctly or else the mold may find its way back on your walls. A lot of times unacceptable procedures are employed, and it can be a discouraging experience to deal with on your own. For people seeking mold removal within the Jersey City New Jersey – 07305 area, our company can be reached at: 908-601-1307.

Although our mold inspections are free, mold testing is not. Please do not mistake a mold inspection for being the same as a mold test. Mold inspections are done primarily by a mold inspector. Mold tests are done primarily with the use of sophisticated lab equipment, and this is why they cost you money. Some mold testing companies believe if mold spore counts are the same indoors and outdoors, then you shouldn’t worry about it. A mold test ought to show that the inside amounts are 10% less than the outside of your house.  We adhere to all formal guidelines of mold testing and remediation. If we discover a dilemma, we will encourage mold removal in your Jersey City New Jersey – 07305 area home.

For mold removal / remediation in Jersey City New Jersey – 07305, please keep in mind that many of these homes were not build the right way. Because lots of these properties are made tightly, it isn’t always possible to see exactly where the mold is growing. Specific mold tools can easily find mold in cases where it is behind sheetrock walls, as well as underneath floorboards.

Mold removal doesn’t necessarily proceed as you might expect based on the outcomes of the mold tests. If your Jersey City New Jersey home possesses any threatening strains of mold, we will have no choice but to recommend mold remediation. When conducting our initial mold inspection, we ask that you kindly wait for the inspector to finish his full assessment. Afterwards he will formulate a plan for mold removal, and you’ll be on your way to a safer, healthy, and happier home!

If you have any questions about mold removal, remediation or mold testing, feel free to call us at: 908-601-1307