facts about mold


15 Short Facts About Mold  – Did You Know?


1) Mold toxins decrease awarness and insight.


2) Mold chemicals can increase cancer, strokes and heart attacks.


3) Mold chemicals in the air can increase irritability and cause moodiness.


4) Molds neurotoxic effects on the brain can lower your IQ.


5) Mold can hurt your ability to relate and get along with people.


6) Mold mycotoxins in the air can make you tired, foggy and bloated.


7) You can usually identify mold with very little training.


8) Mold mycotoxins and biotoxins are known to harm virtually every organ in the body.


9) In less than 5 minutes, you can quickly identify a dangerous mold remediation contractor.


10) Current filters in homes, business and schools are junk and completely ineffective.


11) Mold spores are all over your home, and all they need is a bit of moisture to grow.


12) A specific mold toxin called “Aflatoxin B1” is the most dangerous compound know to man.


13) A specific mold toxin called “T2” was used in the Vietnam War to kill 10,000 people.


14) Mold itself is not toxic, but is toxigenic in nature, meaning it produces toxins.


15) Mold toxins kill bacteria, insects, and vermin as a way of preserving its own food supply.