Mold Remediation Services 


Everything You Need To Know About Mold Remediation Services in NJ


We have seen mold removal companies & services spreading lots of misinformation about the  mold remediation process. They would like to convince you that their systems are the best, or that they use the best chemicals available on the market. And they do this so they can charge you an outrageous fee for their service. But if you don’t understand what mold remediation really is, you will never know if you are working with the right company.

The shocking truth is that many of these “mold removal companies” are not even mold certified. They offer dozens of different services but are only licensed as general contractors. This is why its important to check your contractors license. If they are not mold certified, do not work with them!

So how do you identify the best mold removal companies in NJ?

Mold removal companies should possess a thorough understanding in the 3 following fields:

1) Microbial science
2) Clinical immuno toxicology
3) Chemistry

Most mold removal companies do not understand microbial science.

Why? Well its simple you see, most contractors prefer engineering over science. They prefer to build homes, rather than read biology books. Its really that simple.  But a professional mold remediation contractor will sound more like a scientist than a salesman. If he is really quick to recommend a mold test, this is a bad sign. An experienced mold remediation contractor knows that tests are rarely important. The EPA, CDC and NIH recommend removing mold without testing. Most of the time, its simply not neccessary. It is more important to get the mold removed asap, rather than wait weeks for tests that will prove what should already be known.

Most mold removal companies in NJ do not study clinical immuno toxicology.

Immuno toxicology is the study of the effects of mold toxins upon the human body. So the right mold removal companies will always have a background in this field. An experienced mold company in NJ will know what toxins various mold produce, and exactly what symptoms to look for. A mold contractor should know the differences between estrogenic and tremorgenic molds. He will know what mold strains produce the dreded aflotoxin b.

In this industry, homeowners are afraid to ask tough questions. You should never be afraid to challenge mold removal companies in NJ. Only a small percent of these companies are properly certified, and to avoid defect mold litigation down the road, you need to ask tough questions now.

Most mold removal companies in NJ do not understand basic chemistry.

Chemistry is an extremely important part of mold remediation. There are so many mold removal companies using chemicals that are useless in combating mold. Carbonate solutions sold at Home Depot and Lowes do nothing for mold. They give you a whole 2-4 weeks of slight protection, but do nothing to kill and prevent mold permanently. Bleach is also bad for a variety of reasons. It does not implement nano technology. Because of this, mold has a serious advantage over bleach. Its smaller, so it can hide in places that bleach will never reach.

The worst part about bleach however it that its corrosive. What it actually winds up doing is breaking down your walls. Once its decomposed, you are left with a layer of partially decayed organic material all over your walls. If there is one thing we know about mold, it loves partially decayed organic material. It also loves water, and bleach is 96% water by volume.

In conclusion, we hate throwing mold removal companies under the bus. But recent surges in defect mold litigation and mold illness have presented a unique problem to NJ homeowners. Especially in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. Mold remediation is a serious business, and mold mycotoxins pose serious biohazards to all living organisms. Whether its bacteria, insectr, vermin or human beings, mold kills all. There are no other organisms that possess such a unique survival ability such as mold. They commonly emit these biotoxins to kill all other living organisms, in order to preserve food supplies. Molds are among the most greedy and vicious oganisms we know of. The most dangerous mycotoxin, aflotoxin b, 50 times more toxic than nerve gas, is an agent produced only by mold.

All mold removal companies in NJ need to be held accountable for their actions. Otherwise they will continue charging astronomical fees for services that simply don’t cut it. If you have any questions about mold, or would like to speak with a certified remediator, you can call Randy at 908-601-1307.

Sincerely, the MMRG Team.