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Silly Mold Remediation in New Jersey


A New Jersey resident is ready to get mold remediation done on their home. A mold removal company comes out, and begins to set up for the job. None of the workers are wearing PPE (personal protective equipment), none of them contained or quarantined the home prior to mold remediation, nobody set up a negative air machine, and none of the workers speak English.


When it comes to mold remediation in New Jersey, this is a very common scenario. It is a scenario you may wish to avoid. And the only way to avoid these types of scenarios is by being aware of all the red flags that lead them to occur. Like all industries in New Jersey, the mold remediation industry has it’s fair shake of good and bad apples. No longer are the days where you can take someone on their word. If they show you certification or a license number, check it online. Verify every claim independently.  No longer can you assume that the company you are working with has mold liability insurance. Most do not. They have normal contractors insurance which does not cover mold. No longer can you assume that a company is licensed and insured, you absolutely must check all these things on your own.


This may all seem obvious to you. But what we saw after Hurricane Sandy, what we’ve seen after the recession, are things we hope we never see again. Companies were driving down from California, ripping off homeowners, giving out fake numbers, fake certifications, there was so much fraud going on and it still prevails till this day.


If you are about to get mold remediation work done in NJ, you absolutely must ask questions! Be a smart and savvy consumer, do not let anyone take advantage of your situation.


Silly Mold Testing Scenarios in New Jersey


Mrs Smith, thinks she may need mold remediation done on her home. But before she considers remediation, she asks to get mold tests done.  The mold inspector explains that the results are “just fine”. If your goal is to merely get your property cleared, there are plenty of uneducated mold testers willing to do it. They would have no issue reporting that your mold breeding factory is just fine!


Ignoring the most fundamental of mold remediation practices puts people at serious risk.  It puts homes at risk as well. One myth that is commonly dished out by New Jersey mold inspectors, is if the mold count indoors/outdoors is the same, then all is well. This is simply incorrect. Indoor mold should be 10% or less the amount of out door air. Mold inside your home does not have powerful ultraviolet rays to compete with, so it is more likely to create biotoxins. Through decades of testing and statistic analysis, the best practice is to keep spore counts a minimum of 10% less than the readings outside. Most mold inspectors and mold remediation companies conveniently never explain this fact to people.


It is silly to call just 1 mold removal company to get your home cleared for mold. Not only is this dangerous for the homeowner, but it has commonly led to lawsuits in the past. It is especially dangerous when you are dealing with children in a home. Children have much weaker immune systems, and can be overwhelmed by mold toxins much faster than adults. We’ve seen horrible cases where parents think their children have autism and it turns out they’ve been exposed to certain mold toxins since birth.


Not all toxins are harmful but the ones that are… they can wreak havoc on a persons health and well being. As they build up in the blood overtime they can create neurological disorders and so many different problems. Just look at the infamous T2 mycotoxin. It’s exponentially more toxic than saran gas but this toxin winds up in food and can take down a full grown cow in hours.


We are not trying to scare you, and lots of research still needs to be done on the millions of different strains of mold. But what science has revealed about mold, and the direction is heading is rather scary.


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MMRG offers free mold inspections to all New Jersey homeowners. However, our mold tests must be sent to a lab for a fee. If anyone tells you the offer free mold tests, they are not being done by a certified lab, so beware.

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