Why Killing Mold Is Never Enough!

Is innovation in mold remediation industries, creating more problems than it solves?


When it comes to mold remediation in New Jersey, there are no issues quite as important as what we’re about to cover. Time and time again, we see mold removal companies trying to innovate new solutions, systems and methodologies for treating mold. This is not something we have a problem with. As we all know and recognize, it is wise to be on the cutting edge of science and technology and it’s something our own company aspires to at great length.

The problem surfaces, when mold companies employ these new solutions in place of time tested, proven methods.


Mold remediation is never just about killing mold..


It is admirable for a mold removal company that wants to differentiate themselves from the norm. Businesses need every bit of leverage they can get to make it in this tough economy. It is not so admirable however when a company uses your home merely as a guinea pig to test a new method that has absolutely no science supporting it. In the mold remediation industry, this is precisely what is going on right now.

There are mold remediation companies in NJ selling very fancy systems. Whether its a bunch of men walking around your home in NASA space suits, or dry ice blasting the mold right off the walls, we have to ask ourselves, what are true benefits? And more importantly, what are the consequences?

When the goal is remediation and prevention, what are the benefits of someone wearing a GhostBusters pack, fogging up your entire home with dangerous moldicides… then charging you $12,000 for the work?


What are the benefits when a company kills mold (remediation) but does nothing to prevent it from growing back?


This has become a serious problem with many mold removal services in NJ. I assume its because most of these companies are general cleaning companies or general contractors, and have no background in microbiology, mycotoxicology, or science in general. I’m sure you have cleaned mold from your shower before. I’m sure you’ve seen how long it takes for the mold to grow right back. It can happen in a few weeks or a few months but it always has a habit of growing back unless you regularly clean the shower.

And this fundamental fact of recolonization applies to any circumstance of mold . Months later, after a company leaves, the mold grows right back. Then the homeowner is left with the same problem, and far less money. This is why it is so important to do your research, educate yourself, and make sure you are not working with a flash-in-the-pan company.


To prevent this from ever happening to you, please be sure to do 2 things:


1) DO NOT<< ever sign any contract if the mold remediation company has no guarantee. Furthermore, take the time to read the guarantee, and familiarize yourself with all its exclusionary factors.

2) DO NOT<< contract any work with a mold remediation company if their only plan is to kill the mold. This largely applies to dry ice blasting companies and fogging companies. If they have no intentions of properly encapsulating surfaces afterwards (like many of them don’t), then you are paying for nothing. It is unbelievable how many customers we speak to have already had a company less than 5 years ago to do this work.


If you don’t have a legally binding guarantee, then you are just throwing your money on the roulette table.

And yes, this may seem obvious to most but there are many caveats to this problem. For instance, some companies will charge you for “encapsulation” then they use an oil based paint rather than a nano-based silver encapsulant because these chemicals are expensive. Do not hesitate to ask exactly what is being sprayed in your home and to also verify it is actually what’s being used.

Finally, never let a company talk you out of encapsulation because it’s the easiest part of the process and the only thing that can 100% guarantee mold never grows back.


If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at: 908-601-1307.

Sincerely – The MMRG Team


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