mold remediation toms river NJ 08753


Mold Removal / Remediation Toms River New Jersey 08753


MMRG offers mold removal, remediation, mold testing and mold inspections to all of Toms River New Jersey – 08753. Serving New Jersey for more than 10 years, we are  fully licensed, insured & IAQ certified. Mold removal is a laborsome task so its a good idea to let a professional do it. If you are seeking mold removal in Toms River New Jersey – 08753, feel free to call our senior inspector at: 908-601-1307 .

Mold removal and mold testing are required so we can confirm that you do have a problem in your home. If mold tests conclude that levels are not within a specific range, we will usually recommend removing the mold. It is not recommended to use bleach for mold removal as bleach is known to be corrosive. Applying this to your walls can cause further deterioration of surfaces, which can lead to increased mold growth in the future.

For mold removal / remediation in Toms River New Jersey – 08753, we offer free mold inspections to reveal visual mold growth. Because many homes are build tightly, it is not always possible to see where the mold is growing. Special mold instruments can detect if you have mold behind sheetrock walls, or underneath your floor boards. Because mold can ruin the integrity of your Toms River home, it is highly recommended to have it checked out.

In situations where insurance is willing to cover the mold removal or mold inspections, we are willing to deal directly with your insurer. This is help ensure that the process goes smoothly, and to confirm that the mold remediation work is approved. In emergencies we may begin mold removal before insurance reimburses you for the work. But you will have to assume responsibility for the charges in the event they do not pay. If you are seeking mold removal, remediation, or testing in Toms River New Jersey – 08753, feel free to call to schedule an inspection.