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Mold Removal / Remediation Eatontown New Jersey, NJ – 07724


When looking for mold removal, remediation, or testing in Eatontown New Jersey, NJ – 07724. MMRG is 100 percent licensed and insured! Unless you are prepared to waste two or three days removing mold, you may have to leave the work for specialists to do. Mold remediation, removal and testing are specialized trades that require years of training to do. Some Eatontown New Jersey homes have had mold removal done improperly, which has caused lawsuits for  the previous homeowners. So if you are selling your home, please do your research!

Without mold testing or a mold inspection, we will not be able to determine what type of problem you are facing. Your home should be left alone, until the mold inspector has performed an adequate evaluation. Even if you believe the mold to be harmless, it is always preferable to be check. In cases where the mold is not a toxic strain, higher than average concentrations can still be hazardous.  This is why the mold inspector may still recommend mold removal for your Eatontown New Jersey propertly.

The mold removal / remediation process begins with mold testing and ends with mold encapsulation. The only way to ensure that the results are accurate, is by acquiring more than one sample from various rooms in your residence. It is up to the lab to run the tests, and the inspector to properly interpret the results. If the lab tells us that you have got too much mold within your residence, mold removal will probably be advised for your Eatontown New Jersey, NJ – 07724 property.

In situations where insurance has offered to cover the mold removal, remediation or inspections, we are willing to deal directly with the insurer. After this happens, we will wait to determine if your insurance company certifies the job. There have been extreme cases where by homeowners were in danger, and we had to beging the repair immediately. But this is only when homeowners show signs of substantial mycotoxin exposure. If you need the work done before your insurer says It is okay, you will have to sign a special contract encause insurance does not pay. If you are seeking mold removal, remediation, or testing around Eatontown New Jersey, NJ – 07724, feel free to make contact with us to plan a free evaluation. You can reach our senior inspector today at: 908-601-1307, just ask for Randy!