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Mold Remediation / Removal Marlboro New Jersey NJ 07746


Mold remediation & mold removal begins in your Marlboro New Jersey home with a free inspection. Mold and mildew can result in substantial issues for your Marboro property, so it is a wise course of action to get in touch with a pro. Never make the assumption that all mold removal companies are the same, do your research. Some recommend tests when they’re not needed, others don’t encapsulate mold which is the most important part of the remediation process. If you ever decide to contract mold removal work using a general contractor, in most cases they can not guarantee the work. This is because many of them do not have their mold certification. In order to guarantee mold remediation work, special certifications are required. There are specific chemicals that require an entire course just to learn how to use them properly. Not because they are dangerous, but the fact that they only work when applied a specific way.

Well before any mold remediation is actually carried out, we might need to carry out some mold tests on your property. Anytime we find mold spore counts above a specific level, this will lead to us recommending mold removal. No matter what you do, avoid using oxalic acid or bleach to remove the mold. We’ve witnessed homeowners making problems exponentially worse by using the wrong products. These products weren’t intended to kill mold, they are too corrosive, and do not implement nano-based technology.

All mold removal and remediation will have to finish with the mold inspector clearing your home. The most important way to assure a safe living environment, is by accumulating multiple samples from various locations in your home. Next, a laboratory will have to verify the mold tests that were conducted in your home. When the information is delivered back to us, we will call you to inform you if there is a problem in your Marlboro New Jersey home.

It’s not wise for us to suggest any type of mold removal strategy till a certified mold inspector has seen and assessed your property. In cases where mold tests confirm that you have dangerous mold within the home, work should always be started as early as possible. Before providing any type of solution, we kindly ask that you wait for us to finish the full mold inspection. Children who are known to have issues with asthma, allergies or sinus infections, are particularly susceptible to mold toxins. If you have any questions in regards to mold remediation, removal or mold testing in Marlboro New Jersey – 07746, feel free to call for a free inspection: 908-601-1307