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Mold Remediation & Removal Atlantic Highlands New Jersey – NJ 07716


For mold removal, remediation and testing around Atlantic Highlands New Jersey – 07716, there are several critical facts to understand. Mold is a very complex and aggressive type of organism, this is why it comes back everytime you clean it from your shower. Like anything else in life, there is a right way to remove mold, and a wrong way to remove mold. Without a competent understanding in mold testing and the various different types of mold strains, you may find the process frustrating when certain strains keep growing back.  Mold removal is fairly typical for Atlantic Highlands since this area is located by the ocean. Areas that are located by the ocean are known for high humidity levels, poor drainage problems, and vulnerable foundations.

Our process usually beings with a mold inspector performing mold tests on your residence. This process is carried out by sending multiple samples to a lab (MMRG sends all samples to ESA Labratories). Mold tests don’t merely reveal the species of mold, but they will also reveal the general level of mold. A good portion of the time, laboratory results will show that the mold is not toxic. However, this doesn’t always mean that it is safe to have in your home. Even if the specific strain isn’t dangerous, a mold inspector can still recommend killing the mold. This is because mold all by itself is a considered a threat, even if its not considered toxic. It speeds up the deterioration of a home, and can quickly devalue your property if left untreated.

Our mold removal and remediation starts off with mold testing and will usually end with encapsulation. Encapsulation is the process of resealing a surface to create a barrier against mold. So once mold is killed, it can never grow back again. The most crucial way to guarantee a secure living environment, is by acquiring several samples from various rooms in your home. Once this has been executed, a laboratory must confirm how much mold there is and whether or not it is toxic. Based on what the lab tells us about your home, we may advise mold remediation for your home.

It is very rare for mold removal to take more than 24 hours. But if testing is required there will be a delay before anything can be done. You will be delighted to know that we warranty all of our jobs, regardless of the size. A lot of folks believe that mold removal is just the act of killing mold. And many mold remediation companies won’t encapsulate areas that have been affected, which presents a serious problem for homeowners in Atlantic Highlands.  We have seen a lot of mold removal companies doing this type of work with no experience, and this is the #1 thing to look out for. Whether it’s mold remediation, mold removal or mold testing in Atlantic Highlands New Jersey – 07716, MMRG is 100% licensed, insured, and industry certified.

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