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Mold Remediation & Testing Hoboken NJ 07030


For mold removal around Hoboken, NJ – 07030, there are a couple important things to keep in mind. Mold removal is not a simple process and is not something that can be done by a homeowner or your average contractor. It requires years and years of training and certification. All mold remediation workers must use OSHA approved respirators. They must known and understand how to select the right respirators based on the hazards (color coded). Each respirator must be individually fitted on a worker by a certified fitter. Mold remediation workers must understand exposure limits and the recommended exposure limits as determined by NIOSH. If you think that is overwhelming, we haven’t even covered 1% of the knowledge required to to properly assess and remove mold from a home. So do your research! Do not trust anyone who says they know what they’re doing. Check out guidelines from NIOSH, OSHA, EPA and the ESA. Make sure your mold remediation company knows exactly what they’re doing. For those who need mold removal inside the Hoboken, New Jersey 07030 area, you can give us a call directly at: 908-601-1307!

MMRG consistently provides the most comprehensive mold inspections, but there is a fee for lab tests. Mold sampling must be executed by a certified mold inspector at all times. A minimum of 1 control sample should be collected from all contaminated properties. The price of mold testing is varies widely depending on the severity of your problem. There is a myth which says outdoor mold spore amounts should be the same as the inside your house. But what studies have shown is that spore counts indoors should be 10% less than levels outdoors. This is because UVB rays from the sun kill the most toxic forms of mold. So homes are much more prone to developing toxic mold as opposed to the outside environment. If spore counts exceed the recommended threshold limits, we will recommend mold removal for your Hoboken, New Jersey home.

In quite a few households that require mold removal or remediation, there is always bad venting or elevated moisture content. The moisture content of any given substrate (wood, concrete, etc) should always be less than 20%. The relative humidity of your home should always be lower than 40%. Proper ventilation can solve moisture problems most of the time. But if the moisture is from the result of a leak, the leak must be corrected before any mold can be treated. In case the mold inspector is unable to see mold, he’ll have to examine the air to verify his results. In these occasions, we can generally see mold colonies that cannot be detected by eye. Anytime mold is identified over threshold limits, mold removal ought to be done in your Hoboken home.

Anytime your insurer takes part in the mold remediation process, we propose that they call us directly. We’ll want to find out if the mold remediation & mold testing is confirmed, previous to any work being done. There are rare circumstances during an unexpected emergency, where we will start work before it’s been approved my insurance. Anytime this happens you will be required to sign a special contractor that holds you liable for any fees insurance refuses to cover. This has never happened before but we still have to do it to protect our company. We proudly provide cost-free mold inspections, so if you live in Hoboken, NJ 07030 feel free to give us a call!