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Mold Remediation / Removal Tinton Falls New Jersey, NJ – 07724


Our business provides mold removal,mold remediation, and mold inspections for all property owners in Tinton Falls New Jersey – 07724. Completely qualified in mold testing and remediation, you likely will not find a company more devoted than MMRG. It is not recommended to treat mold on your own unless you thoroughly understand the mold remediation process. And unless you are prepared to spend 2 or 3 days removing mold, you may want to leave it up to a certified mold remediation company. For mold removal services located in Tinton Falls New Jersey – 07724, you can gives us a call at: 908-601-1307

Although mold inspections are free, mold testing is not. Please keep in mind, that DIY mold tests are under no circumstances accurate, this is why samples must always be sent to a lab. Furthmore, the results must always be interpreted by a professional mold inspector. There are no labs in Tinton Falls, or the entire state of New Jersey, that carry out 100 % free mold tests. Please keep in mind that there is a large difference between a “mold test” and a “mold inspection”. Mold inspections are done visually by a certified professional. Mold tests must always be done by a lab. You usually want the spore count number in the house to be much lower than the levels outside. If this is not the case, mold removal will be recommended for your Tinton Falls New Jersey – 07724 area residence, when concentrations surpass a certain level.

Mold removal and mold remediation are needed because a large number of Tinton Falls homes are built too tightly. Homes that are manufactured by water, lakes or ponds, are particularly well know to be susceptible to mold. If the mold inspector is unable to locate mold, he will need to examine the air to confirm his results. With the employment of standard mold testing procedures, we can determine if your homes Tinton Falls New Jersey home is safe to live in.

Mold removal does not always proceed as you might assume depending on the outcomes of the laboratory tests. In case the mold inspection determined that you have dangerous mold mycotoxins within the property, work will have to begin as early as possible. Certain mold strains have been used during the Vietnam war to kill thousands of civilians, and these strains are known to grow in dark areas. Areas that are not exposed to ultra violet radiation. This is why mold remediation is so important for your Tinton Falls New Jerse home. If you have any questions, feel free to contact our senior mold inspector at: 908-601-1307!