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Mold Remediation & Removal in Freehold NJ 07728


MMRG has been offering mold removal, remediation, mold tests and mold inspections to in Freehold New Jersey since 2001. Fully proficient in mold testing as well as mold remediation, you will not find a company as qualified as MMRG. If you are thinking about treating mold on your own, we only recommend this for minor problems. But it would still be wise to have a free inspection done since mold is well known for growing in concealed areas behind walls and underneath floorboards. Although mold removal isn’t terribly complicated, we have special equipment that can reveal hidden mold, or problems that your average homeowner will overlook.

Without mold testing or a mold inspection, we will never have the ability to determine how severe your problem is. Mold testing is usually required when there are children or elderly with compromised immune systems. But in most cases, all that is needed is a free inspection. In cases where testing is done, it can take a few days or weeks for results to come back from the lab. Depending on what the lab says, we may need to conduct further tests. Or we may determine that remediation needs to be done. This is why its usually best to call if you have any questions. Every home is different and every situation is different, so there is no cookie cutter solution that works for everyone.

Mold removal and mold remediation are needed because lots of Freehold, NJ houses are not build the right way. This area of New Jersey is sometimes quite prone to flooding & moisture issues too. When the mold inspector cannot discover mold, he will need to examine the air to confirm his findings. The main objective in these scenarios is to clear your home from mold contaminants. But when toxigenic mold is identified, mold remediation must be done on your Freehold home.

Most of our Freehold clients are happy to know that MMRG guarantees all of their work. So in the unlikely chance the mold ever grows back, just give us a call and we will take care of it for free. Keep in mind that the most crucial part of mold removal is not eliminating the mold. The only real way to control mold permanently is to reseal walls with a special mold encapsulant. This is the right way to do mold remediation work, and the only way the work can be guaranteed. If any company attempts to offer you a system which doesn’t utilize encapsulation, there is a huge chance that the mold will grow back. So check a companies credentials, check their reviews online, and make sure they’re licensed and insured. If you need mold removal inside the Freehold, NJ – 07728 region, feel free to call us at: 908-601-1307.