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MMRG provides mold removal, remediation, and mold inspections to all homeowners in Edison New Jersey – 08817 – 08818. Our company is well versed in the mold removal process and we are 100 % licensed and insured. We generally don’t recommend trying to perform mold removal yourself, since it requires a lots of work. Even a small mold remediation job can turn into a large one if you aren’t sure what you are doing.

Mold inspections and mold testing are required so we can establish that you do have an issue within your Edison New Jersey property. The results of the mold test have to show that levels are inside a targeted range. This range is known as the “spore count” and it is an average based on all the mold in your home. It is not suggested to use bleach for mold removal since bleach is considered to be corrosive on many different surfaces. Although there are specific guidelines for removing mold, mold remediation is still a specialized trade. A mold specialist will know when to ignore certain guidelines and that is where experiences comes into play.

For mold removal / remediation in Edison New Jersey – 08817 – 08818, we offer 100 % free mold inspections in your area. You will need mold inspections & mold testing to determine if there’s mold in specific sections of your household. Along with finding mold, they can help determine how much you have and what strains they are. With the tools we use, it is common for us to find mold in areas you would never expect.  Considering this fact, and the fact that mold could damage the integrity of your Edison property, it’s a very wise idea to have the property inspected.

Mold removal does not always proceed as thought depending on the outcomes of the mold tests. If mold assessments verify that you have harmful mold strains inside the household, work really should get going as early as possible. We ask that you generously wait for us to finish our entire mold inspection, before we are able to present you with any solutions. People or children who have problems like asthma, allergies or sinus infections, will benefit the most from mold removal. Research suggests that all 3 of these issues are made worse by exposure to mold mycotoxins.

If you need mold removal, remediation or testing, in the Edison New Jersey area, feel free to call our senior inspector at: 908-601-1307.