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Mold Remediation / Removal Holmdel New Jersey NJ – 07733


MMRG offers mold removal, remediation, mold testing and mold inspections to everyone in Holmdel New Jersey NJ – 07733. Our company is amply trained in mold removal and are 100 % licensed & insured. Mold removal can be an extremely laborsome task and this is why we recommend contacting a professional. If you are seeking mold removal in Holmdel New Jersey NJ – 07733, you can reach our senior mold inspector at: 908-601-1307.

Without mold testing or a mold inspection, we will never be able to determine the overall extent of your problem. This is why well before any mold removal is attempted, we may need to perform some tests on your property.  However, please keep in mind that laboratory tests are not always needed.  According to the EPA, if you have visible mold in your home, it needs to be removed regardless of what testing reveals. A few types of mold are  in fact poisonous, but in most situations, you will not be asked to leave your home. This is only recommended if you have asthmatic children in the home and they are displaying specific symptoms of mold exposure. 

For mold removal / remediation in Holmdel New Jersey NJ – 07733, its a good idea to do a visual inspection on your own. How much mold do you have? Is it emitting potent odors? If you plan on doing mold remediation no matter what, then once again, mold tests aren’t needed. Some people get mold removal done just to protect their homes structure from corrosion. Special mold tests can diagnose if you might have mold behind sheetrock walls, as well as beneath your floors. If you feel that your Holmdel property is contaminated with mold, you might want to contact a professional.

Mold removal in Holmdel New Jersey NJ – 07733 area homes, typically needs a day or 2 at most. You will be satisfied to learn that we guarantee all of our projects, despite the size. Keep in mind that the most crucial part of mold removal isn’t getting rid of the mold. The only way to protect against additional contamination, is by sealing off all your walls with a mold resistant encapsulant. This is the only way we can guarantee our work. There are a lot of mold remediation companies that don’t secure walls from moisture, and the mold consistently returns. Whether it’s mold remediation, mold removal or mold testing within Holmdel New Jersey NJ – 07733, give us a call if you need any help!