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MMRG offers mold removal & remediation in New Jersey. We’ve been serving Middletown since 2001.

Our mold inspectors are fully trained and undergo rigorous training twice a year. Whether you need mold remediation or testing in Middletown, it is essential that you find a credible company. Not all mold is dangerous, but certain strains are known to be harmful!

Mold removal in Middletown is a specialized trade. This isn’t work any company should do without the right training & expertise. A mold inspector must be certified to perform work in your Middletown, NJ home.

Mold Inspections, Sampling & Testing Middletown NJ

Are you looking for a professional to do mold testing in Middletown? Then you’ve come to the right place.

Mold testing is also sometimes called “sampling”. If someone is coming out to your home it’s crucial that they do this right. Collecting a good sample for mold testing isn’t as easy as it sounds. Many factors come into play. Your home needs to be assessed for the best place to take samples. And if mold removal is to be performed in your Middletown home, it is vital that it’s done properly. This can sometimes require basement waterproofing. Or repairing leaks to address water problems first.

Basement Waterproofing Middletown NJ

A lot of homes with mold problems in Middletown also need waterproofing work. Though it really depends on why the mold is growing. All sorts of problems can cause mold & water problems. Gutters, siding & foundations can crack during the winter. This can open up gaps that allow water to flow freely into your home.

Attic & basement waterproofing is common in Middletown. Though older homes, or towns closer to the shore tend to be more vulnerable.

Cost Of Mold Removal in Middletown NJ

The cost of mold removal in Middletown will depend on how much mold you have & why it’s growing. If it’s a small problem, and there are no serious structural problems, the price is usually very affordable.

But if your home has lots of mold and structural issues the price can get fairly steep. The good news is we’ve been doing mold remedation in Middletown for almost 20 yrs! And we believe in doing great work for an affordable price. So much so we will beat any of our competitors prices by 10% guaranteed!

Final Word About Mold Removal Services In Middletown

Not all mold removal in Middletown NJ is done the same. Mold inspections will identify if there is visible mold. Mold testing should identify when the mold is toxic or not.  Mold removal is done after tests confirm it needs to be done. And though inspections are free, mold tests must be sent to a lab for a cost. If any business tries to sell you mold tests for free, there is a good chance they are using disposable mold tests. These types of tests are inexpensive for a reason, they are not reliable. There are no certified companies in Middletown who would perform mold remedation this way. So be careful!

Mold remediation is beneficial in keeping a home odor free, safe from harmful mold, bacteria and airborne pathogens. Specialized mold instruments can tell if you have mold behind sheetrock walls or under your floors. If you think your Middletown homes needs mold removal, then give us a call.

Feel free to contact us at: 908-601-1307 for a free inspection!