Mold Remediation & Removal in Scotch Plains NJ 07076

Our company offers mold remediation, removal and mold testing for all homeowners in Scotch Plains, NJ – 07076. Fully qualified in mold testing and removal, chances are you won’t come across a team more experienced than MMRG. Mold removal can be a very laborsome task which is why we typically recommend that contact a professional. If you have less than 10 sq2 of your home covered with mold, this is something you can usually treat on your own. But anything larger is best left to a professional. No matter what, if you have any questions we are willing to help in any manner we can. You can reach our senior mold inspector Randy at: 908-601-1307

Mold inspections are done free of cost but mold testing is not. Since these tests have to be send to a qualified lab, there is a small fee for each test. How much it costs will depend on the size of your home, and how serious the contamination is. Please keep in mind that there are no labs in the US that offer free mold testing. Yet some companies are known to lie and tell you they can do them for free. They are able to do this because they buy the disposable mold tests from commerical outfits like Lowes or Home Depot. We have to warn you that these tests are very inaccurate, and anyone who uses them is very likely unreliable. Most importantly, mold testing is seldomly needed. Even highly credible institutions like the CDC and EPA typically recommend against mold testing.  But we will  recommend them on occassion if someone in your home has asthma/allergies or your selling your home.

If you have mold in your Scotch Plains, NJ home, this is a red flag that your home is vulnerable to corrossion and accelerated aging. It is also a sign that you very likely are getting water inside the house. In many situations, we won’t even suggest mold remediation, but installing a drainage system instead. Thats why we will spend just as much time inspecting for water leaks as we do for mold. And it is very common for us to find issues in Scotch Plains, NJ. Many of these homes are build tight, or cheap materials were used to build the foundations. Other times the roofs have been compromised by snow and water begins to break down the structure of your home. At any rate, if you have any questions about mold remediation, removal or testing, our company offers free mold inspections to all residents of Scotch Plains, NJ. Feel free to give us a call at: 908-601-1307!