For mold remediation in Manalapan NJ 07726, there are a few critical facts to keep in mind. Mold is a highly aggressive type of fungi, and requires a background in multiple fields. These fields include mold defect litigation, chemistry, microbiology and industry approved protocol for dealing with mold. It is extremely important that you find a company who is experienced in all 4 of these areas. Contacting a general cleaning company or contractor is not the way to go. Although not all mold is dangerous, the ones that are, can trigger substantial problems for both your home and overall health. If you live in Manalapan NJ area 07726, feel free to pick up your phone and give us a call at: 908-601-1307.

Without mold testing or a mold inspection, we will never have the ability to determine if your property has a problem. This is why well before any kind of mold removal is carried out, we will need to run some tests in your home. Occasionally laboratory results may show that the mold is detrimental. However, the goal isn’t just to clear your home from toxic mold. There are many forms of mold that don’t release toxins, but can cause serious structural problems for a home.  This is why mold remediation is usually recommended any time mold is found in a home. Its a red flag that your homes structure has aged and become vulnerable to accelerated corrosion.

The mold removal / remediation treatment begins with mold testing & always must finish with mold encapsulation. The best way to make sure your home is safe, is to collect more than 1 sample from various locations on your property. We will then transfer these samples over to a laboratory so they can perform the mold testing. Once your data is dispatched back to our business, within 24 hours will inform you of whether or not there is a problem in your Manalapan NJ home.

In circumstances where by your insurer is inclined to pay for the mold remediation or mold inspections, we are pleased to work with them directly. This is to help make certain that the process goes smooth, and to verify that the mold remediation work has been authorized. In unique conditions, should there be a crisis, we may begin the work before it’s been authorized. But you will have to take accountability for any fees in the event your insurance company does not pay. If you are need of mold removal, remediation, or testing within Manalapan NJ – 07726, you can call: 908-601-1307 to schedule a free inspection!