Mold Remediation, Removal Linden NJ 07036

For NJ residents who are seeking out mold remediation in Linden, NJ 07036, there are several things you need to know. First, mold removal is somewhat like trying to kill mold in a shower. If you don’t know what you’re doing, the mold is bound to return every few weeks. This is why it is absolutely essential to deal only with an experienced mold remediation company. You should always keep in mind that mold remediation is not just the act of killing mold, but it also incorporates preventitive measures as well. If you live in  Linden, NJ and have any questions about mold, you’ll be happy to hear that MMRG provides complimentary mold inspections completely free of cost!

MMRG always offers the most comprehensive mold inspections, however, mold tests must be send to a lab, and because of this there is a fee. Mold tests are usually not expensive unless you have a serious problem in your home.  A mold test will use state-of-the-art lab equipment to identify what strains are growing in your home, and they will provide a spore count of all the most prominent species. There is a common myth going around that says levels of mold inside a home need to be same as the levels outside. But this is a myth that has been started by cleaning companies who are not certified to deal with mold. The NIH and CDC have shown that mold tests on the inside of a home need to be significantly lower than outside. This is because most people spend far more time inside than they do outside. Not to mention that UV light from the sun does a great job killing off more toxic forms of mold outside.  

Our procedure for mold removal will begin with mold testing then finish with mold encapsulation. The best way to guarantee a secure living environment, is by obtaining more than one samples from various locations in your residence. It is up to the laboratory to measure and identify toxic forms of mold. Our job is to interpret the data and provide you with a safe and economical strategy for removing the mold. If we find high concentrations of mold in your home, then mold remediation will be recommended for your Linden, NJ property.

When doing mold removal in the Linden, NJ area, projects rarely require more than a day to do. You will be delighted to know that we warranty all of our work, large or small. And all of our work will be guaranteed for 30 years. The only method to protect against additional contamination, is through sealing off all of your surfaces with a mold encapsulant. This is the best way to do mold remediation work, and the reason why we can guarantee our work. We have observed quite a few mold removal companies performing work without being certified, and this is a major problem. If you contract work with a company like this, please keep in mind that they can’t guarantee the work. If its mold remediation, removal or mold testing in Linden, NJ – MMRG is 100% commited to winning your trust!