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Mold Removal, Remediation & Testing in Absecon, New Jersey – 08201, 08205

Absecon’s location in Atlantic County New Jersey places it on the east coast of the New Jersey shore. Due to it’s location by the water and underground water veins, it is highly prone to flooding and mold contamination.

The city of Absecon was established in 1902 making it a fairly old city. Because of this, there are many old homes in this region with poorly constructed foundations, worn out roofs, and degrading frames. The older a home gets, the more building codes it eventually violates and the more likely it is to suffer from mold contamination, flooding and all sorts of issues.

If you live in Absecon and your home has mold growing in it, this is not a problem to take lightly.

Mold requires a regular supply of moisture to grow and moisture intrusion can signify other problems such as poor ventilation or a leaking foundation.  It could just mean that the surfaces of your home are breaking down and they need to be treated.

Our company does free mold inspections for Absecon homeowners so feel free to give us a call if you have any questions. The main issue with mold is once it’s identified, you’ve also identified the fact that your home is undergoing a process of accelerated aging. Mold behaves far worse than termites. It will eat all carbon based material in your home (wood, concrete, etc) and weaken the structure. As it does this mold commonly emits toxins into the air which can induce symptoms of mold exposure.

Mold colonies emit these toxins as a way of fighting off other strains of mold or potential predators. This is why if there is a large enough colony in your home, you will usually notice a lot of dead insects, spiders, sometimes even rodents. Mold needs to be handled very carefully. The mere act of touching mold can trigger it to sporulate. You won’t even seed the spores but may be breathing in some volatile organic compounds. Compounds that are well known carcinogens and can have a serious impact on your health. Children and the elderly are especially susceptible due having weak immune systems. So if you live in Absecon New Jersey and would like a free inspection, feel free to call anytime, 7 days / week.