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Mold Inspections, Testing & Remediation in Allendale NJ – 07401

Allendale is a borough located in Bergen County NJ. It has experienced a population growth of 13.5% in the last 25 years. Founded in 1894, it’s a fairly old area in New Jersey. As you may or may not know, boroughs established before the 1900’s means there are many homes over 50 years old so this is a prime area for mold to grow. When you add in the significant population growth, homes being fast tracked, economic stress, this would explain why we find so many mold infested homes in this region.

If you need a free mold inspection, mold testing or remediation in Allendale, feel free to give us a call any time of day any day of week.

MMRG, LLC is fully licensed, insured, IAQ, ESA and EAA certified. Our senior inspector & administrative CEO have been internationally recognized for their devotion to the field of microbiology, fungi and mycotoxicoloy.

Mold inspections are free for Allendale homeowners only. If you rent there may be a small fee that will be refunded if any work needs to be done.

Mold testing, unlike many of our competitors, is something we try to avoid. A highly experienced mold inspector, with the right tools, can find the source of your mold and devise a solution that doesn’t involve testing. This is because 90% of the time¬†that mold testing is done, it usually leads to mold remediation. And the fact is, even if the mold isn’t toxic, it needs to be removed in accordance to EPA guidelines.

Mold remediation is done the traditional way. We only use the most rigorous, effective and affordable methods available in this industry.

We do not treat your home like a guinea pig and employ any new science or techniques without proving them first in a controlled environment. Like dry ice blasting. This is a relatively new application in the field of mold remediation. And we would never employ a solution like this on your Allendale home because it has proven to be ineffective at stopping mold from growing back.

We prefer to do things one time, the right way. This is why we offer lifetime transferable warranties on all of our work. That’s how confident we are that we can remove the mold and restore your home for good.

If you need any help, or have any inquiries about mold testing or remediation in Allendale, NJ – pick up your phone and call: 908-601-1307. Thank you for visiting our website!