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If you’re looking for mold remediation or testing in Allenhurst, NJ.. you’ve come to the right place! Allenhurst is a borough located in Monmouth County that was incorporated in 1897. It’s unique location puts it in the center of 2 large bodies of water. And as beautiful as this area is, the combination of old homes, the Atlantic Ocean, Deal Lake, numerous rivers and brooks makes it a breeding ground for mold.

Assuming you’ve found mold in your Allenhurst home, it is of upmost importance that you familiarize yourself with some basic biology and facts.

Although molds grow on dead organic matter everywhere in nature, their presence is only visible to the unaided eye when you start to see mold colonies growing in your home.

Once this happens, you have a problem.

Especially if the mold is growing on the wooden frame of your home, sheetrock, floors or the foundation. What you’re seeing with your eyes, in most cases is just a very small percentage of how much mold actually resides in your home.

This is why it’s important to contact a mold inspector who can come out to your Allenhurst home and isolate the problem. A good inspector can typically determine why the mold is growing without doing mold tests. But sometimes mold tests are essential relative to the scope of your problem.

Also, if you have any children or elderly living in your home, they are far more susceptible to toxic mold exposure. So mold tests can identify if you or your family are breathing in any toxic microbiological compounds.

Mold remediation is the process of killing and removing all the mold in your Allenhurst home. 

It is not an easy process. In fact, it’s much more difficult than treating a home for fleas or termites. With fleas or termites, once you remove them, the home is usually safe. With mold, it is impossible to remove 100% of it since the spores are microscopic and freely float in the air. So if surfaces are not restored, resurfaced or encapsulated, the mold will usually grow back 99% of the time.

If any company performs mold remediation on your Allenhurst home, make sure they encapsulate all contaminated surfaces!

There are many dry ice blasting companies and fogging companies who just kill mold.. then 3-6 months later it comes right back.

Our company will remediate and shield your home so this never happens! You will also get a lifetime guarantee on any the work we do. If you have any questions about the mold growing in your Allenhurst home, please feel free to call us any time of day, 7 days a week. You can contact our senior inspector directly at: 908-601-1307

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