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Mold Inspections, Testing & Remediation in Allentown, New Jersey – 08501

Allentown is a borough located in Monmouth County, New Jersey. Established in January of 1889, it is a fairly old community with many historic and natural sites. Conines Millpond runs right through the center of this borough meaning that many of these old homes were build right on top of soft soil and underground water veins.

Overtime, the geography, humidity and constant changing of the seasons wreaks havoc on these homes wooden frames and foundations. This is when you are at high risk of mold contamination. Mold loves old, soft, porous wood, concrete and sheetrock. Painting your home will do absolutely nothing to preserve the integrity of the structure.

If you have mold in your Allentown home, more than 3-4 square feet, it would be wise to contact a professional.

What you are able to see with your eye, a well trained mold inspector can usually find 10-100xs that amount. This is because mold seeks our dark, tiny places to hide in. Like the cavities between your walls, ceilings and floors. A speck of mold on the outside surface can mean a mature, fully grown colony hiding in those cavities.

Using state of the art technology, your home can be evaluated for free and you will get a very detailed look at all the things your eyes can’t see.

Mold testing can also be done in your Allentown home to determine what types of mold are growing, and exactly how much is in the air. Although mold grows everywhere in nature, it’s a completely different story inside a home. Poor ventilation and recycled air can throw the spore count (also known as “threshold levels”) through the roof making your home somewhat of a gas chamber to live in.

If you have any questions about mold testing, remediation, or setting up a free inspection in Allentown, New Jersey – our operators are on stand by 24 hours a day. But if you would like to reach our senior inspector directly, you can call any time between 8am-10pm at: 908-601-1307

Most of the time we can send out an inspector within 48 hours.