Alpine NJ 07620

Mold Remediation, Testing & Inspections in Alpine NJ – 07620

Alpine is a borough located in Bergen County, New Jersey. Considered a suburb of NYC, it is located just 15 miles from Manhattan. This area of NJ was incorporate in 1903 making it more than 110 years old. Old boroughs, towns and municipalities are more likely to have higher rates of mold infestation.

With more than 1/3 of the homes over 50 years of age, the structures of these homes often need to be restored and resurfaced to shield them from mold degradation.

We can do mold testing in your Alpine home to determine what types of mold are growing and how high the spore counts are. This will give us a good idea of how contaminated the property really is.

However, keep in mind that we generally like to avoid mold testing. If an experience mold inspector see’s mold and has the right tools, he should be able to determine if remediation needs to be done with or without mold testing.

This is important to remember because many of our competitors try to gauge their customers with unnecessary air samples that cost an arm and a leg.

We work in accordance to the EPA. The general rule of thumb with mold is if you can see it, if there is more than 4 square ft, it needs to be remediated by a professional company.

DIY projects tend to be very ineffective with mold. If you’ve ever had a flea or termite problem, mold is much more difficult to treat and prevent from coming back. This is why true professionals undergo years of training in this field. There is a right and wrong way to do everything. And you’d be surprised how many homeowners and companies alike are doing mold remediation the wrong way.

Finally, if you’d like to ask us any questions about mold testing or remediation, or setting up a free inspection, give us a call at: 908-601-1307!