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Avon-By-The-Sea, commonly just called “Avon”, is a borough located in Monmouth County, New Jersey. Established in 1900, it is one of the youngest areas in the state. The majority of the homes in Avon are less than 50 years old. And speaking in terms of mold, this would generally be a good thing.

The problem with Avon is it has a very unique geography. It is completely surrounded by water on 3 sides leaving just the western edge surrounded by land. Communities that are built right on top of water, are not just prone to flooding but highly prone to mold growth and contamination.

It is a beautiful region of the state, but if you find mold in your Avon home… it could be a much more serious problem than you suspect.

These homes in face extreme weathering, wear and tear, deterioration, they are built on soft, wet soil. Once mold begins to grow, it will immediately seek out dark and small spaces in your house.

A mold inspector is trained to find things that you simply can see. Many times we’ve had Avon homeowners call us and say, “we just have a bit of mold on our basement walls”. Then the inspector would insert a borescope and find that the entire basement walls and sub floors were contaminated with mold.

Now, every situation is different. We just want you to keep in mind that mold is nothing to mess with.

Yes it grows everywhere in nature. Yet inside your home, with recycled air-flow and weak ventilation systems, spore counts can reach astronomically dangerous levels.

Homeowners may begin experiencing the many different symptoms of mold exposure. But so often these symptoms are misdiagnosed as allergies, asthma, a common cold or even the flu.

Even if you’re not experiencing any health problems, your home can still be a ticking time bomb. We’ve seen beautiful homes in Avon where kitchen floors collapsed right into the basement. The homeowners usually never see it coming till it’s too late. And we say this not to scare you, but to educate you at the cost of avoiding such circumstances.

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