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Mold Remediation & Testing in Barnegat Township NJ – 08005

Barnegat Township is a township located within Ocean County, New Jersey. Established in March of 1846, it is a fairy old area in NJ. It is a beautiful area but it is built right on top of the Atlantic Ocean with thousands of underground water inlets running through this community. The combination of old homes, soft soil, high humidity, and it’s unique geography, makes it very vulnerable to mold growth, flooding, and all sorts of problems.

If you need mold remediation or testing in Barnegat, it is highly recommended that you learn some basic facts about mold.

Molds are fungi which include opportunistic pathogens. And although you can find them everywhere in nature, it’s a completely different story when they begin to colonize in your home.

In the 1960’s, 64% of the air we breathed in was recycled air. As of 2015, 95% of the air we breathe in is recycled air. When air conditioning use to be considered a luxury in the past, now it’s common place in virtually all homes.

Generally speaking, if you have more than a few square feet of visible mold growth, you should contact an inspector. Inside a home, due to recycled air and many homes having poor ventilation, mold spore counts can reach highly toxic levels.

As these toxins build up in your blood, whether acutely or chronically overtime, you can experience a wide array of serious health issues. In fact, it is well known that certain strains of mold are lethal;. Just watch NBC’s “Invisible Killers”. The T-2 mycotoxin (from mold) is 50 times more toxic than saran gas.

But here is the catch. Even if the mold your breathing in isn’t toxic, it still poses serious risks to the structure of your house.

Mold is a very aggressive microbiological fungi, it will devour old wood, sheetrock and concrete far worse than termites. Because unlike termites, mold is microscopic. Once it gets under the surface of porous materials, you can scrub-scrub-scrub but unless you know what you’re doing, you’re merely removing surface mold. DIY projects commonly lead to recontamination or worse, cross contamination.

This is why you need to contact a professional mold removal company.

MMRG provides free mold inspections to all Barnegat homeowners. We also provide mold testing, removal, and complete remediation. Meaning that we don’t just kill your mold but we shield your home so it will never grow back.

If you have any questions about mold testing or remediation in Barnegat, New Jersey – simply call: 908-601-1307