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Bass River Township is a township located in Burlington County, New Jersey. Incorporate in 1864 it’s a moderately old area in NJ.  The south western edge traverses many bodies of water including Turtle Creek, Mullica River, Swan Bay, Wading River, Collins Cove, Bass river along with dozens of other creeks and brooks.

This unique geography makes Bass River homes highly prone to mold growth. When you have that many bodies of water you wind up building homes right on top of thousands of underground water veins.

Over time, these water veins wreak havoc on your homes foundation.

However, mold colonies can establish anywhere within your Bass River home. So if you have visibly identified a colony of mold, it may be time to get a mold inspection. The inspector will do a thorough evaluation and determine whether to collect air samples or whether to skip the testing and go directly to remediation.

In most cases, that is how we approach a mold contaminated home.

In the mold remediation industry, there are many companies who try to charge homeowners thousands of dollars just to get air samples tested.

But the EPA and many other reputable institutions agree, mold testing seldom needs to be done.

Here is the reasoning why:

1) Once mold is identified, it must be remediated no matter what. It doesn’t matter if the mold isn’t toxic, because non-toxic mold will still degrade the inside frame and foundation of your home. We’ve seen clients who got their homes tested, and no toxic strains of mold were found. So they decided not to get remediation done. Then 8 months later we get a call back and the wife is screaming that her entire kitchen floor collapsed into the basement. We see mold induced structural failure almost every week.

2) An experienced mold inspector with proper training and all the right tools, can determine how serious your problem is without any mold testing. This is what borescopes are for, infrared guns, spore counters, microscopes etc.

3) If the mold inspector comes to your Bass River home, runs a 10 minute inspection and immediately starts recommending mold tests, that should immediately set off red flags in your head.


It’s simple. Unethical mold remediation companies will feed Bass River homeowners lines like, “for our own safety, and the safety of our crew, we need to know whether the mold in your home is toxic or not”.

This is just a smoke screen to persuade Bass River homeowners into paying for unnecessary mold testing.

Any credible, reputable mold company is going to wear PPE (personal protect equipment) in your home during the remediation process. It doesn’t matter what they’re doing they do *not* want to be breathing in dust, bacteria, or other potentially dangerous and unidentified compounds.. like asbestos.

Mold companies are paid to protect and secure homes so the families who lives in those homes are safe.

So if they can’t keep their own crew safe, if they refuse to do remediation without testing, tell them to walk right on out the door and never come back.

There are certain times when mold testing will need to be done. Like if you’re selling the property. You will need pre and post tests that you can send to your agent.

Or if anyone in the home has allergies, asthma, or any type of immune-compromised disorder. In those cases it’s often wise to know what strains are growing in the home. But it’s really case dependent and most of the time testing does not need to be done. Sometimes Bass River homeowners just want it done, and if they want to pay for it we have no issue doing it for them. Just be careful because there are companies who will rip you off and convince you to do dozens of expensive mold tests that never had to be done in the first place.

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