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Bayville is an unincorporated community in Ocean County, New Jersey. Said to be haunted by the “New Jersey Devil”, Bayville homeowners have much more serious problems to worry about.

It’s location is right on the east coast of NJ. Many of the homes in this area are more than 60 to even 200 years old. And as any intelligent mold inspector would know, old homes build right over Oceans are high risk areas for mold contamination, flooding, and all sorts of problems.

If you’re a Bayville homeowner, and suspect you have mold in your home, here are 2 basic things to consider before contacting any companies.

1) Assess how much mold is growing in your home. The general rule of thumb is, if you have more than 4-5 square feet of mold then need to call a professional. But the truth is, this rule is widely inaccurate. We’ve been in thousands of homes that had no visible mold growth but wound up being highly contaminated.

This is because mold does not like light. UV rays from the sun kill off the most harmful strains of mold. And this also means those same harmful strains colonize between wall cavities, under floors and insulation. This is why you should never, under any circumstances rip out a sheetrock wall without PPE (personal protective equipment).

2) If you can see mold in your Bayville home, determine what type of surface it’s growing in. And here is a rule we follow that is always accurate. Molds that grow on non-porous materials are never dangerous. Simply because, molds can not establish roots (called “rhizoids”). Without roots, the mold will never mature and can easily be cleaned with a sponge and some peroxide. Some inspectors call this type of surface mold “bonsai mold” or “cosmetic mold”.

However, if the mold is growing on porous materials (note: porous does not mean “soft”) like wood, sheetrock, insulation or concrete… then you’re facing a much more serious problem.

This type of mold does grow a root colony. It is wildly obnoxious, smelly and aggressive. It quickly degrades wood and all types of porous materials. It can emit very dangerous toxins into the air. It can ruin both your house and your health.

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