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Beachwood is a borough that is located in Ocean County, New Jersey. Established in 1917, it is one of the youngest areas in the garden state. The north eastern edge of Beachwood runs along Toms River, and this community has Jakes Brook (the largest brook) along with numerous other brooks and creeks running through it’s landscape.

What the average homeowner does not realize about homes built by water, it’s not the water you can see above ground that is the problem. It’s the millions of underground water veins and inlets you can’t see that create problems. Even during the winter, these veins remain insulated. They emit thousands of tons of hydrostatic pressure on foundation walls. And this means that water or humidity is always finding it’s way into your basement (if you have one).

Either way, Beachwood is at moderate to high risk of mold growth considering the age of it’s homes (many over 100 years old), it’s unique location, history and geography.

If you are reading this page, chances are you’ve found mold growing in your home. Or maybe you suspect that you have a problem.

A lot of homeowners call us in a frantic state of mind because they found “black mold” in their home. But let us assure you, the color of mold in no way relates to how dangerous it is!

In fact, molds develop their color based on what they eat.

And there is this effect we have witnessed in this industry, where some of the most harmful strains we wind up finding are actually white, not black.

If a Beachwood homeowner finds black mold growing in their basement, chances are they will take it seriously. They may have some basic understanding that molds aren’t just toxic, but they also emit enzymes that devour your home from the inside out and can release toxic gases during this process.

The problem is, the average homeowner thinks “black mold” means “bad mold”. So if they find some white streaks of mold in their attic, they may tend to ignore it. The mold inspector can even ignore it.

So the homeowner winds up getting their basement remediated, not even realizing they have a highly hazardous colony of white mold growing in their attic! And this is why it’s so important to work with a reputable company who knows what they’re doing.

MMRG, LLC offers mold remediation, testing and free inspections to all Beachwood homeowners.

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