Bergenfield NJ 07621

Mold Removal & Testing in Bergenfield, New Jersey 07621

If you live in Bergenfield NJ, and have mold in your home, please read this carefully. Bergenfield was incorporated in 1894, making it a relatively old region in the state of New Jersey.

It is a landscape that traverses Coopers Pond, and has 2 large brooks dividing Bergenfield into 3 somewhat symmetrical regions. So what does this have to do with mold you may be asking? Quite simply, Bergenfield is a borough with many water veins and a geography that is very conducive to mold growth.

Many of these older homes were built directly on top of these water veins. So the veins reestablish around these foundations putting immense hydrostatic pressure on foundation walls which leads to bending, leaking, cracking, high humidity, moisture, ventilation problems and worst of all – mold.

If you have identified mold in your Bergenfield home, especially a large volume (over 4 sq ft) .. you need to contact a certified mold remediation company asap.

The non-cosmetic mold that grows on bricks and wooden frames is nothing like the cosmetic mold that grows in your shower.

This is something a lot of people don’t understand.

The mold that may be growing on your walls, establishes rhizoids which in layman’s terms are the “roots of mold”. This can only happen on porous surfaces like wood, concrete, and sheetrock. But once established, you can wind up with a very dangerous and toxic colony of mold.

This is a distinction you must remember.

Once mold establishes a full grown root colony, you have a serious problem. Aside from the toxins these colonies emit, they will quickly spread to dark and moist places. Like the insides of your sheetrock walls. When they get to the frame of the house, the mold acts like acid. It slowly breaks down the wood turning it into a black, soft, fragile, high carbon based material.

Mold infestation is one of the top 3 reason that homes experience sudden structural failure. Floors fail. Walls drop. Roofs cave in. So you’re not just dealing with biological risks, but more immediate risks that can trigger a host of secondary problems.

This is what professionals are for and precisely what our inspectors are trained to fix. So if you have any questions about mold testing, mold remediation or scheduling a free inspection, please don’t hesitate to call!