Bogota NJ 07603

Mold Remediation & Testing in Bogota, New Jersey – 07603

Bogota is a borough located in Bergen County, New Jersey.  Incorporated in 1894 it’s landscape and geography traverse the east coast of the well known Hackensack River. Although this river is located on the west side of Bogota it supplies a huge amount of water to northern regions in New Jersey.

You may be wondering, “what does the Hackensack River have to do with mold testing or remediation”?

So let us put it simple for you.

Landscapes that traverse rivers of this magnitude, with homes built right on top of water veins more than 50 years ago, creates the perfect environment for flooding, foundation failure and toxic mold growth.

Now, you don’t need a river close by to wind up with enormous amounts of mold. But the geography does put this area at a higher risk of mold contamination.

If you have spotted mold in your Bogota home, the first thing you need to do is assess what the mold is growing on and how much you can visibly identify. Mold that grows on glass, vinyl, acrylic, and other non-porous surfaces, is not a big deal. But mold that grows on bricks, concrete, sheetrock or wood is a much more serious problem. For the simple fact that mold can only grow root colonies on porous materials. And after this has occurred, the mold becomes very aggressive and ripe for releasing toxins.

It will seek out all the dark and humid areas in your home. One place mold loves to grow is in the tiny spaces under floors and between sheetrock walls. It also loves to grow in poorly ventilated attics.

Before giving us a call, please assess 2 different things:

1) Is the mold growing on a porous surface?

2) Is there more than 4 sq ft of mold?

If you answered no to both those questions, chances are it’s a problem you can easily deal with on your own. If you answered yes to both those questions, then you need to get some mold testing done. And depending on the results of those tests, you may also need mold remediation done.

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