Brigantine NJ 08203

Looking For Mold Removal, Remediation or Testing in Brigantine New Jersey?

Brigantine is an island and city located in Atlantic County, NJ. It’s considered one of the top 50 best places to live in New Jersey. However, it can also have it’s share of environmental problems. Due to it’s geography and sand-clay soil, there are vast amounts of open water veins traveling underground. Many homes in Brigantine date back to 1914. That is more than 100 years of wear and tear which creates the perfect environment for mold colonies to establish.

If you see any visible signs of mold growth in your Brigantine home, it is very important that you contact a professional.

Mold contamination can be a very serious problem. If left untreated, your property values will plummet. And the last thing you want to do is get the government involved. They can seize the property and deem it unsafe to live in. You will not be able to sell it. In worst cases homes need to be quarantined and demolished.

So please, don’t take this issue lightly.

Mold testing can identify whether or not you have any toxic strains of mold growing in your home. But even if you pass those tests the mold will still need to be treated. This is because non-toxic forms of mold still devour the structure and foundation of your home.

Year after year the molds will penetrate deeper and deeper and once these molds penetrate deep enough, your home becomes a house of cards.

Our company exercises client confidentiality rights and all our inspections are free. But if you opt for mold testing the samples must be sent to a qualified lab for a fee. Whether or not you choose to do remediation, that is your choice. Our inspectors will do their best to educate you about your problem and devise a solution that is both economical and effective.

If you live in Brigantine New Jersey and need mold testing, inspections or remediation,  just pick up your phone and give us a call. Operators are on standby 24/7 and you can call anytime any day of the week!