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Burlington is a city located in Burlington County, New Jersey. Formed in 1693, it is one of the oldest areas in the garden state. It is located right by the Delaware River, it’s a city with thousands of homes over a century old, meaning it is a haven ripe for mold growth, contamination, flooding, and all sorts of problems.

If you own a home in Burlington, and suspect you have a mold problem, it may be time to get a free mold inspection done.

The general rule we follow, if you can see more than 4 square feet of mold, you should get a mold inspection.

If you see less, but suspect the problem may be worse, maybe you’re experiencing symptoms of mold exposure, again – get a mold inspection done.

Most ethical companies won’t charge you a dime for the inspection.

At the same time, it’s sad to say, but many companies aren’t that ethical.

It is your job as a Burlington homeowner to take your time researching a companies reputation. A smart person will go beyond that and search the owner of the business. They might check for any pending court cases, past arrests, etc.

This is something we strongly advise you do since there are a couple of well known scammers working in the state of New Jersey. And trust us when we say, they are not as easy to spot as you may think. The owner of one of these companies is using a fake name cause he’s been arrested 3 times in the last 5 years.

So if you call around, speak to different companies, you can get a lot of good information.

Furthermore, ethical mold inspectors will take more than just a few minutes to inspect your home.

A real, reputable inspector will spend more time evaluating your home than actually talking to you.

The guys who come into your home, who immediately start pitching you before they even finish the inspection, you need to be careful.

Many times, mold testing is done on Burlington homes when it’s completely unnecessary. Even worse, we’ve seen mold remediation done in homes that never even had mold. We’ve seen basement waterproofing systems installed because a home had mold. The homeowner wasn’t even getting water leakage but was convinced the system would help keep the air dry. So they paid for a $14,000 system they didn’t even need, with the promise the mold would go away when it never did!

This is why we take our reputation so seriously.

Some of the stories we heard over the years… we should really dedicate a blog to them. Just to educate NJ homeowners.


MMRG, LLC want’s to be known as the best in this field and so far we’ve making excellent progress towards that goal. Our senior inspectors have already been nationally recognized on CBS tv. We have more and better online reviews than any of our competition. We are raising the bar for the entire mold remediation industry in NJ.

If you have any questions about mold testing or remediation on your Burlington home, or setting up a free inspection – just pick up the phone and call: 908-601-1307

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