Carlstadt NJ 07072

Mold Inspections, Testing & Remediation in Carlstadt, NJ 07072

Carlstadt is a borough located in Bergen County, New Jersey. Like many other boroughs in Bergen County, Carlstadt was founded in 1894. The eastern edge of Carlstadt traverses the Hackensack River and the borough contains many other water ways, ponds and underground veins.

Homes that were built in Carlstadt more than 50 years ago were established right on top or around these water ways. So the history, geography, soil content, landscape and climate makes Carlstadt a prime area for mold to grow.

If you live in Carlstadt and have found mold in your home, it is very important to assess the mold on your own and do some homework before you go around calling companies.

What we typically tell clients is to look for 2 different things.

First, identify how much mold you can see. If there is more than 4 square ft, you have a problem that needs to be inspections by a professional.

Second, make sure the mold is growing on porous materials like brick, sheetrock or wood and not materials like acrylic, ceramic or vinyl.  The type of mold that grows in your shower is referred to as “cosmetic” mold, it does not establish a root system and is very easy to remove on your own.

But if the mold has established on foundation walls, sheetrock, the attic, or the wooden frame of your home, this is a much more serious problem. For the following reasons:

  • It means the mold is growing a root system.
  • It can grow and spread very rapidly.
  • It can release well known biohazardous mycotoxins.
  • It will cause acclerated degradation in your home.
  • This can lead to foundation failure, floors and walls to collapse.

It is something you need to take seriously.

If you are a Carlstadt homeowner, we provide free inspections in your area. We are not the type of company who runs quick 10 minute inspections. Are inspectors are trained to find things that very few of our competitors are trained to find. This is why our inspectors have been internationally renowned on shows like CBS’s “The Doctors”. We are experts in our field and provide effective work at affordable prices.

For any questions about mold testing, remediation, or scheduling an inspection – please just call: 908-601-1307