Chatsworth NJ 08019

Mold Inspections, Remediation & Testing in Chatsworth, New Jersey – 08019

Chatsworth is an unincorporated area in Burlingtown County, New Jersey. Even though this community hasn’t been incorporated, we can estimate that based on Woodland Township it was formed somewhere around 1866. This means there are many homes in Chatsworth over 70-100 years old.

Older communities usually means older homes which puts these communities at a higher risk for mold contamination.

So if you live in Chatsworth and suspect you have a mold problem, it shouldn’t come as a surprise.

What you need to do as the homeowner is assess your problem based on principals we will outline in this article. 

1) First, you want to make sure you are dealing with “rhizoid mold”. There are 2 main categories of mold, molds that grow on non-porous surfaces and don’t establish rhizoids or “roots”. Then there is mold that grows on porous surfaces and does establish a root colony.

So the mold that grows in your shower or bathroom, on ceramic, metal, glass, vinyl, plastic, acrylic.. this is mold you can easily clean on your own.

However, if you have mold growing on the actual structure of your home, sheetrock, wooden frames, or the foundation, then you have a problem. And if you can visibly identify more than a few square feet, chances are the problem is much more bigger than you can see.

This is because mold is microscopic and loves dark, tight areas. UV rays from the sun are not conducive to it’s growth. And mold you see on sheetrock, you might have 10 times as much behind the sheetrock walls.

2) Second, you need to exercise both¬†patience and caution when looking for a mold remediation company. Always call multiple companies. This is one of the first questions our inspectors ask when showing up at a new Chatsworth home. We will ask “has anyone else came out to the property” and if the homeowner says “no” we will strongly advise that they do so.

We do this for various reasons. The main reason being, when you finally choose to use our company, you will know for a fact you have made the right decision!

If you have any other questions about mold testing or remediation in your Chatsworth home – please call our senior inspector at: 908-601-1307