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Chesterfield Township is a township located in Burlington County, NJ. Formed in 1688, it is one of the oldest areas in the garden state.

There are many ways to assess the risk of mold contamination within a certain area, but age is a primary factor.

The older a home is, the software it’s wooden frame gets, the more the foundation breaks down, and the more likely that you’ll wake up one day and realize you have a serious mold problem.

Now, you can try cleaning mold yourself. And we recommend you do if the mold is growing on hard, non-porous surfaces. Most of the time you can get rid of that type of mold with a sponge and some bleach.

But if the mold is establishing colonies on the structure of your home, wood, sheetrock or concrete… you will lose your mind trying to get rid of it.

It is worse than trying to clean up a flea infestation.

Because fleas can’t float in the air like mold spores do and cross contaminate your entire home within a few seconds. They also don’t release mycotoxins and bio-hazardous volatile organic compounds that can make you sick.

So if you have a serious mold problem in your Chesterfield home, this is something you need to take very seriously.

The longer this problem goes untreated, the more and more the value of your property will drop.

As mold colonies continue to spread and devour your home from the inside out, you could start experiencing structural failure. After this happens, your home can be seized by the government.

This is why it’s so important to call up a professional. If you have any problems, questions or concerns about mold testing or remediation, how to set up an inspection – please give us a call at: 908-601-1307

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