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Cinnaminson Township is a township located in Burlington County, New Jersey. Incorporated in March of 1860, it is a relatively old region in the state. The northern edge of this township traverses the Deleware river. And as many geologists know, old communities located by rivers have hundreds of large and small water veins protruding miles from the river itself. Meaning that many old homes were build on top of these underground veins making them highly prone to flooding, mold growth, and all sorts of structural problems.

If you have found mold in your Cinnaminson home, don’t be that surprised. And also don’t panic. It may be time to call a mold inspector but there are certain things you should know before you pick up that phone.

Not every mold remediation company runs their business the right way. In fact, some are outright scammers. We have been in this industry long enough to know that what we’re about to write – is something you need to take very seriously.

There is 1 particular company hiding in plain site, who’s owner has been arrested 3 times in the last 5 years. What ever you did to find this site, chances are you saw his site without even realizing it.

So rather than out a criminal, and put a target on our back, we’re going to give you a list of rules to follow that will ensure you find a reputable & honest company.

1) Most important – never work with anyone who tells you within the first 60 seconds of the call, “there is a $XXX.00 charge for the mold inspection”. Not to say that all companies who charge for mold inspections are bad. But we know every single mold remediation company that serves Cinmmaninson. And we have noticed a trend. The more unethical companies get straight to money talk, rather than talking about what is actually going on inside your home.

This is done to filter out savvy, intelligent homeowners. They target people who are willing to spend money without doing any research. They get that initial commitment. After which they will try to build more trust, then upsell, crosssell, and downsell you anything and everything possible.

2) Reputable mold remediation companies got into this field cause they care about the environment. They do not want people living in biohazardous, mold contaminated homes. So they will probe you over the phone, and ask you many questions about your problem without mentioning a word about money.

3) When the mold inspector gets to your Cinnnaminson home. Inspect him while he’s inspecting your home. Ask yourself, “what is this person more focused on”? Are they taking time to really evaluate my problem, are they asking lots of questions… or do they seem in a rush? Do they seem more focused on persuading me rather than educating me about my problem? Are they trying to sell me a bunch of unnecessary mold testing? What is their true intent here?

If you are not sure what you are doing. If you don’t know a lot about mold. You need to call up multiple companies.

We’re not here to tell you our company is the best but we try our absolute hardest and we do have more and better online reviews than any of our competitors (fact).

So if you are confused about anything, or have any questions about mold testing, remediation, or setting up a FREE inspection – simply call: 908-601-1307

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