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Cliffwood Beach is an unestablished community located in Monmouth County, New Jersey. It is accurately referred to as a “CDP” (census designated place) since there is no designated government bodies for this region. However, it is recognized as a community since a few thousand people live in this area. What makes Cliffwood unique in terms of mold, is that is surrounded on 3 sides by water. There is Keyport Harbor to the east, Whale Creek to the north and Matawan Creek to the south which divides into 6 main creeks that penetrate the southern 1/3 of this entire community.

If you live in Cliffwood Beach and have mold in your home, please keep in mind the most molds are not poisonous. 

But since there is always a mix of different species of mold, an inspector can never rule out the presence of toxins. The most that can be done is mold testing which will determine the strains, spore counts and based on statistical analysis we can identify what type of risk you’re really facing.

However, there is a caveat to all of this.

Even if you’re experiencing symptoms of mold exposure and the inspector has reason to run mold tests… mold testing rarely needs to be done.

Any presence of mold in a home is reason enough to conduct remediation. Whether it’s a bit of mold growing in your shower, a basement wall, mold growing underneath your kitchen floors, mold by nature poses various safety hazards. The most prominent of these hazards is how it erodes the foundation of your home. And what makes mold so unique is the fact that it doesn’t like sunlight. UV rays from the sun kill off the less toxic strains of mold (which is most strains). So the really bad types find their ways into hidden cavities, establish massive colonies you might not even see, and can emit toxins straight into your HVAC system. Worse, you may not even realize mold is in your home and one day a portion of your kitchen floor collapses.

So please, take advantage of our free inspections. Our companies reputation speaks for itself and we employ the best mold inspectors not just in New Jersey, but in the entire United States. Inspectors who have been internationally renowned for their contributions to this field and who can most definitely help you with your problem.

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