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Cologne is an unincorporated community that resides in Galloway Township in Atlantic City. It is very common to find mold contaminated homes this area due to it’s history and establishment date of April 4th, 1774. Homes of this age are more likely to need mold testing or remediation especially if the homes is more than 50 years old.

Considering that many homes in Cologne are more than double that age, it creates the perfect community for mold to grow in.

We have a saying in this industry that goes, “if you can see mold, if you can smell it, it needs to be removed”.

It’s a statement that was initially made by the EPA and unlike many of our competitors, we have incorporated this into our business model.

Many mold removal companies in New Jersey will tell you it’s essential to get mold testing done.¬†They will charge you an arm and a leg, send the samples out to a lab… just to send you a report with findings that could have been easily determined without any testing.

Let us clarify this point further.

It most cases, it doesn’t matter if the mold in your home is toxic or not. The fact that you have mold in the first place poses serious threats. The value of your home will plummet, it can be seized by the government, and year after year that mold¬†will eat it’s way to core of your homes structure creating an extremely dangerous environment to live in.

Granted, it is very rare for a home to be seized and demolished. And most of the time it’s the financial burden you need to be concerned about. The longer and longer your home is left in it’s current condition, the more and more expensive it’s going to be to remediate it.

So please, any questions you have about scheduling a free inspection, mold testing or remediation, just pick up your phone and give us a call.