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Cream Ridge, other than sounding very tasty, is an unestablished community on the southern east tip of Monmouth County, New Jersey. Since it is not incorporated, it has no boundaries. But it has a sizable enough population to be considered a community like any other in the state.

If you own a home in Cream Ridge and suspect you have a mold problem, we suggest that you take some time to read our site and educate yourself about mold.

There is a lot of fear mongering that goes on in this industry and yes, mold can pose substantial biological hazards. But most of the time the mold in your home is not going to be toxic. However, mold as an uncanning ability to break down organic materials like wood, sheetrock and concrete. If you’ve ever left an orange in your fridge for too long (fridges not even being conducive to mold growth) you may have noticed that it shrank to 1/4 it’s size and developer a webby like material all over it. Well, this is very similar to what happens in homes.

Mold can threaten the safety of a home in so many different ways.

People really don’t realize how quickly small problems can escalate. Like we’ve 1 single 2 x 4 erode, break, the fuse box dropped out and burned an entire home down due to small little colony of mold. Then we’ve also encountered some very harmful and toxic species. Where the minute a piece of sheetrock is ripped off, the entire home becomes a poisonous gas chamber.

This is why we recommend that people do not mess around with mold unless you’re properly certified.

Mold has survival mechanisms that kick into gear when it’s disturbed. If you decide to rip off a piece of sheetrock to see what’s hiding behind your walls, you can wind up in the emergency hospital when the mold sporulates and kicks out a blast of hazardous mycotoxins. Although like we said this is rare in most homes, these events do happen and are 100xs more likely to happen in vacant properties.  So if you’re buying a new home, be extremely cautious if you suspect there is any mold.

If you have any questions or concerns about mold testing and remediation in Cream Ridge, New Jersey, please just call Randy (our senior inspector) at: 908-601-1307


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