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Mold Inspections, Testing & Remediation in Delanco Township, New Jersey – 08075

Delanco Township is a township located in north Burlington County, New Jersey. Established in 1859 as Beverly Township it’s named was changed in 1929 to Delanco Township. This is a fairly old community shaped like an upside down triangle. The top edge of the region runs parallel to the Delaware river and the souther side run parallel to Rancocas Creek. This means only 1 side, the eastern edge, is surrounded by land.

Due to Delanco’s very unique location and history, it is a high risk area for both flooding mold contamination. There were thousands of homes built in the late 19,00’s and over the course of time, the wooden frames in these homes become very soft and porous.

If you see or suspect that you have mold in your Delanco home, never let this problem go untreated.

Many of these homes are already in a vulnerable state. But when mold begins to colonize inside of walls and under floor cavities… it’s a recipe for disaster.

A mold inspector can come out to your Delanco home and thoroughly assess your problem. Depending on the scope of your problem, a proper mold inspection can take anywhere between 30-90 minutes. Even “small” problems need to be treated with due diligence. So if the mold inspector seems hurried, you may want to consider calling up another company.

Mold testing can be done to determine how much mold is in the air, and specifically what strains. But the most experienced mold inspectors will rarely conduct them. Unless you are selling the home a reputable mold inspector can tell you on the first visit what is wrong, and exactly what needs to be done.

If you get the feeling that they are delaying remediation, this may be a ploy to get you committed, so the company can continue to upsell you things you don’t need.

There are good and bad apples in every industry so heed this advice very seriously: You need to do your research.

The biggest mistake you can make is calling up just 1 mold remediation company.  You have them come out to your Delanco home then immediately sign a contract cause you’re impatient. Then you later find out that you paid hundreds or thousands of dollars for mold testing (or remediation) that was completely unnecessary and did not need to be done. This is why we proudly display our reviews on the homepage of our site. We take our reputation very seriously, and we our  extremely passionate about pleasing our customers.

So if you have any questions about mold testing or remediation in Delanco Township, New Jersey, feel free to give us a call! You can reach our senior mold inspector directly at: 908-601-1307