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Dorthy, NJ is a part of Weymouth Township in Atlantic County, New Jersey.

Dating back to 1694, this community has a very unique heritage and history. And along with this unique history…. comes very very old homes with interior structures that are being devoured by mold.

If you live in Dorthy and have found mold in your home, read this article carefully.

New Jersey itself is a breeding ground for mold due to it’s dense population and location by the Atlantic Ocean. Dorothy is positioned fairly close to the ocean which means a lot of underground water veins, homes that don’t meet modern building codes, faulty foundations, roofs, degrading structures and all sorts of problems.

If you need mold testing or remediation for your Dorothy home, consider a couple of facts:

1) Many mold remediation companies will advise that you do expensive mold testing to identify if there are any toxic strains in your residence. The problem is, the toxicity of mold is not the determining factor for whether or not mold needs to be remediated. So if a company tells you “we need to take multiple air samples”, proceed with caution.

2) An experienced mold inspector will have both the tools and experience to assess whether a home needs remediation without doing any testing.

Because lets face it, this isn’t rocket science.

If your home has large amounts of mold growing in, like the EPA, our company is not very concerned about how toxic it is. We are concerned about getting rid of that mold as quickly as possible, as effectively as possible, for as cheap as possible.

We know after years of doing this work and speaking with customers, the primary goal is to get your home remediated and restored without breaking your bank.

So if you need a free mold inspection, testing or remediation … just give us a call! You can reach our senior inspector Randy (directly) at: 908-60101307