Dumont NJ 07628

Mold Inspections, Remediation & Testing in Dumont NJ 07628

Dumont is a borough located in Bergen County, New Jersey. Incorporated in July of 1894, it’s a fairly young borough with many newly developed homes. But it also has it’s share of older properties between 40-100 years old. Unlike many other areas in Bergen County, Dumont only has 1 brook running through it, no rivers, no ponds or lakes… which is very rare for it’s geography and location.

Although we offer free mold inspections, remediation and testing in Dumont, it’s unique geography, soil and landscape put it in a low risk area for flooding and (or) mold contamination.

However, living in a low risk area for mold does not mean your home is immune to it.

So if you see mold in your Dumont home, or suspect you have a problem, it would be wise to contact a professional. But before you do, you really need to heed 1 warning:

Mold testing is a very controversial practice in New Jersey.

This has nothing to do with the technology itself, but the way companies employ & exploit it for profits. As per EPA guidelines, if you see visual signs of mold growth, it needs to be remediated. This is because all molds pose safety hazards in your Dumont home… regardless of strain type or toxicity. The job of mold is to quite literally eat your home from the inside out. This leads to floors failing, roofs collapsing, and all sorts of expensive problems.

But when you call most mold remediation companies, you will notice a pattern!

Most of them will push mold testing on you. And they will charge you and arm and a leg to get it done.

Why do they do this?

Simple, it’s profitable.

It involves very little work on the companies end. They merely collect samples then send them to a lab.

So 95+% of companies outsource this part. Then they get the results, quadruple the price of what the lab charged them, and charge you 4x’s what it actually costing them to get the testing done.

The more samples they can collect from your home, the more money they can make.

And this is precisely why you need to do your homework.

Don’t just research reviews. Research owners, CEO’s, their facebook pages, use their name + “court” to see if they have any pending court cases. Learn the terminology of the industry. Ask questions and don’t be afraid to “grill” the mold inspector. If you call a company to do mold remediation or testing in your Dumont home, make sure the inspections isn’t done in less than 15 minutes. There is no way any mold inspector can ethically conduct a test that fast. Our inspections can last anywhere between 30-90 minutes long. And we do these for free.

If you have any questions about setting up a free mold inspection, testing or remediation – just call us at: 908-601-1307