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East Rutherford is a borough located in Bergen County, New Jersey. It was originally incorporated in 1889 as Boiling Springs township then had it’s name changed in 1894. The eastern edge of East Rutherford traverses both the Hudson River. It has numerous creeks and brooks flowing through the landscape. This creates a high risk environment for mold growth, flooding, and many more problems.

When you factor in that many homes in this area are between 60-100 years old, you wind up with a breeding ground for mold.

If you live in East Rutherford, and need a mold inspection, mold testing or remediation done, we strongly suggest you do some reading first.

The first thing you need to know is that mold remediation, testing, and microbiology in general are very complex sciences. There are more than 30 million present species of mold and new strains are being discovered every week.

It takes years of research just to understand how 1 particular strain of mold behaves. So even though we’ve been rigorously studying mold for more than 50 years now, there is still a lot left to learn.

If you see any mold in your East Rutherford home, you need to start researching mold remediation companies. Any trained expert will be able to confirm whether it’s mold (on-site, without tests) and can do a¬†full assessment of your home.

Look for the following “red flags” during the inspection:

1) The mold inspector takes less than 15 minutes to assess what needs to be done.

It’s hard enough to properly assess 1 room in that amount of time nevermind a whole house. This is always relative to the scope of your problem. But a highly trained mold inspector will always take his time. They are not afraid to get dirty. They will put on a mask before entering any contaminated areas. They will ask for permission to drill a hole in your wall and insert a borescope. They will do a proper, thorough examination.

2) The mold inspector comes to your East Rutherford home, and states “we need to collect x amount of samples and do mold testing before anything else can be done”.

This is completely false. If you have mold, it needs to be remediated as soon as possible. Furthermore, an experience mold inspector can tell on site what needs to be done. Unless you’re selling your house, the inspector shouldn’t care what type of strains you have or what the spore count is. They know their primary job is to identify all the mold, isolate the source, and treat it. Mold testing just delays this whole process.

There are many other things you should look out for, but this article can quickly turn into a book.

So if you have any other questions about mold inspections, testing or remediation in East Rutherford, New Jersey, please give us a call.

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