East Vineland 08360

For East Vineland Homeowners Looking For Mold Testing or Remediation!

East Vineland is a city that’s located in Cumberland County, New Jersey with a zipcode of 08360.

The motto of Vineland is: “A Harvest of Opportunities in the Heart of the Northeast”. Which is absolutely true. This is a newer established area dating back to 1952 that has seen a 8% population growth in the last 10 years.

You may be asking yourself, “how is this relevant to the mold in my home”?

Here’s the not so simple answer.

East Vineland, like many areas in NJ, is located fairly close to the Atlantic Ocean. This is why we do a lot of mold testing and remediation in this area. It’s a humid climate with geography that is perfect for mold growth. But East Vineland does have 1 strong benefit which is it’s age. Most of the homes aren’t more than 50 years old. So the overall risk of mold contamination in this area is fairly low compared to other regions of the state.

The problem is, the age of a home is just 1 determining factor. Yes, old homes, generally speaking, are more likely to develop mold growth.

However, the way a home is built is what will really determine how at risk it is.

We’ve seen hundreds of new homes, poorly built, that were completely infested with mold.

The key thing you need to understand is this.

If you have more than 4 square ft of mold, you have a serious problem. If a company comes out to your home fervently recommending mold tests to be done, proceed with caution. And don’t forget this 1 simple fact – A truly experienced mold inspector with the right tools can determine more than a lab can.

When our inspectors go out to our homes, we are not focused on sampling.

We are focused on resolving your problem as fast as possible, as effectively as possible, for an extremely affordable rate. Like the EPA says, if you can see mold or smell it, it must be removed.

Mold testing in many cases just prolongs the process. This is something our company does not like to do. If we walk into your home and see it’s being devoured by mold, the last thing we want to do is delay remediation. In a way, it’s like treating cancer. The quicker and earlier your home is treated, the more property value you’ll gain. The better off you’ll be financially. And a healthy, safe home will be an added benefit.

So if you have any questions about mold inspections, remediation or testing in East Vineland, New Jersey, just give us a call or shoot us an email!