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If you’re looking for mold testing or remediation Egg Harbor City, you’ve come to the right place!

Egg Harbor City is a region in Atlantic County, NJ. In the last 5 years, for unknown reasons, the city has experienced a 6.6% decline in it’s population.

The city was established in 1854 making it a moderately old region in NJ. And as many mold inspectors know, old homes come with many problems. They suffer decades of deterioration, wear and tear, and eventually give in to the extreme elements.

If you see any form of mold growth in your Egg Harbor home, do not panic, but do not take this problem lightly.

Mold loves to grow in old homes but it also loves to grow in homes with poor ventilation and high humidity. A lot of people think that humidity levels drop during NJ winters, which they do *outside*. But indoors humidity levels can easily maintain over 40% all winter round.

Winters are just as bad as the summers when it comes to mold. During winter there is less ventilation, more recycled air, and heaters blasting which act as virtual incubators for mold to spread.

If you believe you have a problem in your home, here are 3 facts you need to know:

1) A properly trained and certified mold inspector will not be “pushy” about doing mold testing. With the right equipment and training, many times testing can and should be skipped.

2) Know who you’re dealing with. Read reviews online. Beyond reviews, do background searches on the owner of the company you’re dealing with. Right now there is a well known mold remediation company in NJ who’s owner has been arrested 3 times in the last 5 years. So please do your homework.

3) The better companies generally have the most and best reviews. And we do not like to boast, but MMRG, LLC has more and better reviews online than any of our competition. That should say something about our level of devotion to the field.

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